Supply, Operations and Logistic Chain Management

The supply chain industry encompasses procedures that require effective trainings. With the rapid evolution of technology, we have skillfully drafted courses that can help you in strategic supply, operations and logistic chain management. We have diverse courses that cater to the welfare of organization and facilitate individual development.

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APICS CPIM Certified Production Inventory Management Free
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APICS CPIM Certified Production Inventory Management

January 30, 2019 / No Comments

APICS CPIM Certified in Production and Inventory Management – The premier certification for internal supply chain operations. About APICS APICS is the association for supply chain management and the leading provider of research, education and certification programs that elevate supply chain excellence, innovation, and resilience. The APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM); APICS…

Procurement for Non-Procurement Professionals Free
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Procurement for Non-Procurement Professionals

September 29, 2018 / No Comments

Procurement for Non-Procurement Professionals training is designed to provide internal customer staff (stakeholders) with an understanding of modern procurement practice and insight as to how they may best support and contribute to their organization’s procurement objectives. This Procurement training highlights all elements of the procurement profession. It gives you food for thought on your approach…

Traffic Operator Training Free
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Traffic Operator Training

September 28, 2018 / No Comments

A Traffic Operator is principally responsible for the coordination of logistics shipments and the handling of administration, whilst also overseeing payments and credit negotiation within Traffic Management. Traffic Operator course spans the full range of critical areas from the characteristics of the transportation system, analysis of flow and capacity, traffic operations, traffic control devices, pedestrian/bicycle…

Traffic Management Safety Training Free
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Traffic Management Safety Training

September 28, 2018 / No Comments

Traffic Management Safety Training is the safe management of vehicle traffic movements through and around sites where work is being undertaken within the road reserve. It also involves temporary alterations to traffic movements as required for special purpose events. Traffic Management Safety requires safe and consistent traffic management practice at work sites. It requires the…

Procurement Best Practice Free
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Procurement Best Practice

September 28, 2018 / No Comments

“A penny saved is a penny earned – Benjamin Franklin” This statement has for a long time been the driver of many companies in regards to their cost structure and their targets set for the procurement/purchasing divisions. But is this true? This course will lay the foundation of good procurement practices while at the same…

Advanced Asset Management Free
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Advanced Asset Management

August 8, 2018 / No Comments

Advanced Asset Management program is focusing on enhancing the service delivery through an improved application of Asset Management (AM) techniques and methodologies. The global financial crisis left the world wondering what is next for the markets. Uncertainty means we have to rethink our investment strategies. How can we do things better? How do we balance risk…

Restaurant Operations Management Free
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Restaurant Operations Management

June 24, 2018 / No Comments

Restaurant Operations Management – Share your passion for people and incredible service! Are you interested in a career that can take you around the world, offering a fast-paced and thrilling environment where you can share your passion for people and incredible service? Then the hospitality industry is for you. With Restaurant Operations Management training, you will develop…