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The financial sector is constantly evolving. To stay ahead, organizations are required to have professionals with certified accreditations and courses. At strategic Axis, we have certified and accredited courses that are recognized by the banking, insurance and finance sector to help your organization grow. We have courses that cater to people with dynamic skills equipping you to face the real-time challenges in the finance sector. Learn from experts and hone the skills of your employees with us.

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CAPEX Training Free
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CAPEX Training

October 5, 2018 / No Comments

CAPEX – A capital expenditure (“CAPEX” for short) is the payment with either cash or credit to purchase goods or services that capitalized on the balance sheet. CapEx is often used to undertake new projects or investments by the firm. This type of financial outlay is also made by companies to maintain or increase the…

OPEX Training Free
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OPEX Training

October 5, 2018 / No Comments

An operational expenditure (OPEX) is the money a company spends on an ongoing, day-to-day basis to run a business or system. They are the costs that a business incurs while turning its inventory into an end product. Hence, depreciation of fixed assets that are used in the production process is considered operational expenditure. OpEx is…

Private Equity and Venture Capital Free
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Private Equity and Venture Capital

June 24, 2018 / No Comments

Private Equity and Venture Capital – As equity markets appear to strengthen, interest rates remain low, and asset values look attractive, private equity firms are uniquely positioned to pursue new opportunities. Traditionally, it has been an uphill battle for investors looking to raise a first-time fund or entrepreneurs looking to finance a new venture. Today, record…

CFA Chartered Financial Analyst Free
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CFA Chartered Financial Analyst

May 23, 2018 / No Comments

CFA is an American Certification awarded by the CFA Institute USA. CFA® designation is a mark of distinction that is globally recognized by employers and investors as the definitive standard to measure serious investment professionals. The CFA qualification is undoubtedly the world’s most highly respected and challenging credential in the finance industry. The CFA charter has…

Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP®) Free
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Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP®)

April 11, 2018 / No Comments

Certified Security Management Professional CSMP is an advanced-level, internationally-focussed certification and accredited diploma in corporate security management. Certified Security Management Professional CSMP is considered the “gold standard” certification for security management professionals and demonstrates your knowledge and competency in seven key domains of security. Globally recognized as the standard of excellence for security management professionals. The…

Advanced Microsoft Excel with Macro and VBA Free
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Advanced Microsoft Excel with Macro and VBA

February 18, 2018 / No Comments

Advanced Microsoft Excel with Macro and VBA is our most popular series classes.  Take your Microsoft Excel skills to the next level with our Advanced Microsoft Excel with Macro and VBA course. You’ll soon be crunching data, using advanced formulas, creating impressive graphs and charts like a pro, plus much more. Do you have a…