Variations Management Training – Construction

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Variations Management Training – Construction

Variations Management Training session will take you the best practice contract procedures for the variation of a contract, using JCT 2016 as a basis, including how to issue the instruction, keeping records and how to value variations.

A variation of a contract is one of the main reasons that a contract can fall into dispute. To avoid this potentially costly delay, issuing, valuing and then managing a variation to a contract correctly is extremely important.

Variations Management Training course provide training in this crucial risk area of construction contract management.

Variations are an essential part of any building project. Project variations fall into two categories. The first can be design/construction philosophy changes that affect existing contract or modifications requested by the client.

The second is project oversights or internal changes that do not involve a change in design/construction philosophy or affect existing contracts. It is vital that both these aspects be properly controlled to ensure that project run on schedule and budget.

This course will provide an expert, comprehensive review of managing issues that arise out of contracts; how they can be identified, substantiated, managed & assessed following contractual requirements & best practice.

This course provides an effective framework for the efficient, consistent and efficient identification and evaluation system of variations against the contract – especially time and cost related variance throughout the construction industry.

This course will help you speed up the identification and submission process of variations.

This practical course is based around carefully designed case studies that highlight what should happen, where people have gone wrong and best practices that you can utilize. It aims to ensure your issues are identified, managed and agreed within the restrictions imposed by any agreement or contract. It mixes updates in theory and concepts with practical wisdom.

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  • DURATION 3 Days
  • COURSE ACCREDITED BY Local Certificate


Understand the definition of a variation

Be aware of provisional sums and their consequences

Apply your knowledge to the valuation of variations

Prepare and value variations

Keep records to manage the variation process



Students will receive Strategic Axis professional certificate.



Module 1: Introduction to Variations

Definition of a Variation

Formats of Instructing Variations

Provisional Sums ( Defined and Undefined )

Methods and Examples of Valuing Variations

Variation Management

Record Keeping

Change Control Procedures

Module 2: Contract Obligations and Scope of Work

Scopes of Work

Managing Project Time

Time & Cost Consideration

Time Management


Time Scheduling

Schedule Types

Module 3: Scheduling Assumptions and Control Methods

Establish and Agree on Scheduling Assumptions

How do I Control the Schedule

Time & Cost Variance

Reporting Cost Performance

Module 4: Cost Budgets and Variations

Deviation from Cost Budget

Assessing Variation

Module 5: Scope Change and Variance Negotiation

Scope Change

Variance Negotiation

Module 6: Practical Implication of Variations

Contract Administration Principles

Scenario One: Change of Carpet

Situation Two: Design Review that Reduced Scope

Situation Three: A 3-week delay caused by the Client

Module 7: Construction Project Variations: Causes and Statistics

The Scope or The Schedule of The Project Has Changed

The Equipment Needed to Perform A Task Is Unavailable

The Project Owner or Contractor Is Suffering Financial Difficulties

There Are Conflicts Between Contract Documents

Working Drawings Are Inadequate or Incomplete

Changes in Design by Consultants

A Shortage of Skilled Manpower

A Shortage of Quality Materials

Shoddy Workmanship, Requiring Demolition and Rework

Delays in Procuring Building Materials

Poor Weather Conditions or Natural Disasters

A Lack of Strategic Planning

Module 8: Construction Change Order and Variation Management

Project Impact: Change, Productivity, and Risk

Change Orders and Variation Requests

Change Order and Variation Workflows

Best Practices to Mitigate Project Risk

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