Traffic Management Safety Training

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Traffic Management Safety Training

Traffic Management Safety Training is the safe management of vehicle traffic movements through and around sites where work is being undertaken within the road reserve.

It also involves temporary alterations to traffic movements as required for special purpose events.

Traffic Management Safety requires safe and consistent traffic management practice at work sites. It requires the safe and appropriate use of road signs, signals, and other devices that may be necessary to protect road users, including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and emergency vehicles. Management of work on roads requires consideration of all road user needs and obligations.

Traffic Management applies to work within road reserves by Government contract, private contractors and other statutory bodies. Anybody who wants to work on a road needs the skills and knowledge to do it safely.

This Traffic Control Safety Training course demonstrates the equipment, procedures and legal requirements for people working in temporary traffic control environments.

It covers the importance of safety equipment, proper use of hand signaling, stop and slow signs, personal protection equipment (PPE), supervisor and worker duties, job site and job preparation, traffic control placement, responsibilities and authority.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 1 day
  • COURSE ACCREDITED BY Local Certificate


The workshop will examine shared traffic areas and take a hands-on approach in helping participants identify their traffic management needs. This training will assist in developing and redefining the management of mobile plant and pedestrian traffic for the workplace.


Participants who fully attend this course and complete the test on the last day will receive a Strategic Axis Professional Certificate (SAPC). SAPC certificates are regionally recognized and can be quite valuable when applying for more senior roles within the organization or outside.



Module 1: Introduction to Road Safety

An overview of legislative requirements with traffic management and OHS
Appropriate steps and procedures associated with establishing effective traffic management plans
Methods of managing shared traffic areas in the workplace
Required safety equipment
Proper use of hand signaling
Stop and slow signs
Personal protection equipment (PPE)

Module 2: Traffic Regulation

Underlying principles of traffic control
Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Device – Features of traffic control
Hazards associated with traffic control
Injury prevention techniques
Supervisor and worker duties
Job site and job preparation
Traffic control placement
Responsibilities and authority
Reviewing changes to traffic management in your workplace

Module 3: Traffic Management

Inspection, development, and submission of traffic management plans
Installation, checking, and removal of road safety measures
Selection and placement of correct signage
Work team briefing
Incident recording and reporting
Vehicle and equipment operation
Site safety auditing
Traffic control, including stop/, go operations

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