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TOGAF® 9.1

TOGAF ® 9.1

TOGAF ®(The Open Group Architecture Framework) is a global de facto standard for an enterprise application that provides a unified approach to drive high-level business strategy and growth in an organization. Its worldwide acceptance has dramatically increased the demand for TOGAF ® certified professionals, who can implement this approach to fit within the agile culture.

This course is designed to enable candidates to develop the knowledge of the terminology and concepts and principles of Enterprise Architecture. This is an Open Group standard, is a proven enterprise architecture methodology and framework used by the world’s leading organizations to improve business efficiency.

Strategic Axis intensive workshop will familiarize you with the principles and concepts of this framework while simultaneously exposing you to its practical implementation through hands-on exercises. Enroll now and become part of the elite global team of Enterprise Architects.

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This is official Open Group course.

You will learn how to

The course is filled with practical nuggets from the real world, and candidates will learn:

How to align the business and IT aspects of your organization together

How to respond to RFPs from the customer effectively

The basics of TOGAF 9 and how it can be tailored to an organization

How to go from strategy to execution when posed with having to find a solution to a customer problem

Basic principles of Architecture Frameworks ( Zachman / TOGAF ) and how to apply them

How to dive deep from Enterprise Architecture to Solution Architecture

Basics of Architecture and Design, and practical application scenarios

Fundamentals of Solution Architecture and how to tailor solutions based on customer needs

Requirements Prioritization for an Architect

How an Architect views Agility: How much architecture is just needed for the hour and how much later

Project Management Essentials for an Architect

Best practices and nuances of IT transformations

Important Course Information


There are no prerequisites for the TOGAF® 9 Combined Part 1 and 2 Certification Exam. Any and all candidates are eligible to attend this training and take this examination.


The TOGAF 9 Certified qualification is achieved by passing two exams. There is also an entry-level qualification, TOGAF 9 Foundation, which is achieved by passing just the first exam.

150 minutes Total

(60 mins – Part 1)

(90 mins – Part 2)

Part 1: 40 multiple choice questions / Pass mark is 55% (22 or more points out of a maximum of 40) / Closed Book

Part 2: 8 complex scenario based questions / Pass mark is 60% (24 or more points out of a maximum of 40) / Open Book

Examination Provider 

Effective February 1, 2017, Pearson VUE is the sole provider for The Open Group’s IT certification exams.

Course Outline


Foundation Module 1: Introduction

The TOGAF 9 Certification Program
The Basic Concepts of Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF
The Core Concepts of TOGAF 9

Foundation Module 2: Architecture Development Method

Introduction to the Architecture Development Method (ADM)
The ADM cycle and the Objectives of Each Phase

Foundation Module 3: ADM Guidelines and Techniques

The ADM Guidelines and Techniques

Foundation Module 4: Architecture Content Framework

Views, Viewpoints, and Stakeholder Communication
The Concept of Building Blocks
The Key Deliverables of the ADM Cycle

Foundation Module 5: Enterprise Continuum & Tools

The Concept of the Enterprise Continuum
The Architecture Repository

Foundation Module 6: TOGAF Reference Models

The TOGAF Reference Models

Foundation Module 7: Architecture Capability Framework

Architecture Governance and the ADM

Foundation Module 8: Learning Review

Revision Module – Key Learning Points
Practice Exam

Certification Module 1: Preliminary Phase

The TOGAF 9 Preliminary Phase
Architecture Governance
Business Scenario Techniques

Certification Module 2: Architecture Vision (Phase A)

The Architecture Development Method: the Architecture Vision
Architecture Content Framework
Stakeholder Management
TOGAF Content Metamodel
Architecture Implementation Support Techniques

Certification Module 3: Business Architecture (Phase B)

Business Architecture Introduction

Certification Module 4: Information Systems Architecture - Data Architecture (Phase C)

Information Systems Architecture – Data Architecture
Information Systems Architecture – Application Architecture
TOGAF Foundation Architecture: Technical Reference Model
The Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model (III-RM)

Certification Module 5: Technology Architecture (Phase D)

Technology Architecture Introduction
Migration Planning Techniques

Certification Module 6: Opportunities and Solutions (Phase E & F)

Opportunities and Solutions
Migration Planning

Certification Module 7: Implementation Governance (Phase G)

Implementation Governance

Certification Module 8: Architecture Change Management (Phase H)

Architecture Change Management
ADM Architecture Requirements Management
Architecture Partitioning


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