The Certified Business Development Expert (CBDE)

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The Certified Business Development Expert (CBDE)

The Certified Business Development Expert (CBDE) course was designed for Business development professionals looking to improve their business development expertise and knowledge.

Learning Objectives of The Program:

*How to improve your business development tactics using influence and persuasion tactics

*How to leverage your team’s knowledge and content to attract more clients to your business each week

*How to become an authority figure within your niche and widen the funnel of your client pipeline development efforts

*Why following our 3-step formula will help you develop more business relationships than your competitors

Our program will help you to understand the terms and implement the tactics and tools of leading business marketers, sales professionals, and business development professionals.

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  • COURSE TYPE Advanced
  • DURATION 5 Days


Our goal is to offer the most challenging program in the industry while also providing all of the learning tools possible to ensure participants get the most out of the experience. By testing the knowledge depth and comprehension from the materials digested, the CBDE certification prepares individuals for successful, real-world application.

This certification program is designed to show and certify that you have gained an in-depth understanding and high-level, specialized knowledge.

Our program will help you to understand the terms and implement the tactics and tools of leading business marketers, sales professionals, and business development professionals


Exam Information

The Certification Exam Is Provided Online on the 10th Of Each Month.

The exam has a total of 100 available points, 80 of which can be earned from the multiple choice or true/false questions that are worth 1 point each, and 20 of which can be earned from 2 short answer questions that are worth 10 points each.

You will have 2 hours to complete the exam.

Add The Certified Business Development Expert (CBDE) Program to Your Resume Immediately.



Module 1: Business Development Planning and Execution

What a good business plan looks like

Developing a Business Planning Process

Business Planning Top Tips

Professional Service Leverage Models

Leverage in a consultancy business

Vision, Mission, and Objectives

Values and Principles

Building a Service Proposition Framework

Market and Competitor Analysis

Module 2: Marketing & Sales Best Practices

The target buyer and their buying process

The revenue process

Messaging that’s built for revenue

Content alignment

The lead handoff process

Revenue service level agreements

Module 3: Client Pipeline Management & Development

Know your pipeline

Keep detailed metrics on your pipeline

Regularly optimize your pipeline based on your metrics

Formalize the process and include the team

Flag problems when they arise

Module 4: Authority Construction & Positioning

Investment Sales Cycle

The 5 Great Rules of Sales

The 5 Pillars of Selling

The 6 I’s of Relationship Cultivation

Early adopters

Late Adopters

Qualifying a client

The 6 I’s Pipeline

Three Ways to Ramp Up Your Sales Development Program

Module 5: Influence & Persuasion

Investment Tool #1: Sales Systems

Investment Tool #2: Strategic Tools

Investment Tool #3: Four Strategic Rules to Create Excessive Profits

Investment Tool #4: The 4-Square Planning Model

Investment Tool #5: Top Five Sales Objections Investment Tool #6: Request for Proposal

Investment Tool #7: ABC’s of Sales Campaigns

Culture Shock


The 3 Main Phases of a Sales Call

The 5 Types of Questions You Can Ask a Customer

The 4 People Types

The Top 5 Reasons Are Reluctant to Purchase

Worldview Frames

Module 6: Customer Anatomy

5 Steps of Marketing

Customer Wants

Customer Needs

The 2 things that differentiate success and failure in organizations today






Reasons firms expand globally

Economics of Scale

Module 7: Economies of Scope & Learning

Centrist Approach to Managing International Sales Organization

Noncentrist Approach to Managing International Sales Organization

Problems international management faces

Five-point course of action for those who need a better way to evaluate different markets and products on a global level

Top ten barriers to trade

The 7 Rules of International Distribution

Common ways to hedge the risks from exposure

4 Step Process for Analyzing Country Risk Abroad

The 4 Main Reasons Exporters Use Credit Insurance

The 8 strategies for reducing foreign exchange exposure

Module 8: The KISS Principle

The Accounting Principle

The Control Principle

The Kaizen Principle

Manager Ethics Levels – Moral – Immoral – Amoral

The 3 Main Drivers of Immoral Activity

The 8 Networking Tricks of the Rainmaker

The 3 Possible Results of Negotiation

The 5 Steps of a Negotiation

Factors that can change the process of a negotiation

5 Disciplines of Strategic Intelligence and Tactical Ingenuity

3 Tools for 3-D Negotiations

Six Negotiation Pitfalls

Aristotle’s 3 Means of Influence

3 Verbal Tactics to Increase a Positive Outcome in a Negotiation




Summary Jury Trial


Module 9: Main Influences

The 3 Main Influencers for Cross-Cultural Negotiations

The 4 Ways to Analyze a Culture When Doing Business Globally

3 Steps to Creating an “Early Warning System”

Cloning Your Competition

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Eight Successful Differentiation Strategies

The Five Rules for the Road When Choosing Your Differentiating Idea

Lateral Marketing

Vertical Marketing


The Lateral Marketing Process (3 Steps)







1:1 Marketing

Mass Marketing

Ways to Turn Prospects into Shoppers


Pure Loyalty

Pull Loyalty



Module 10: Niche vs. Cubbyhole

Killer App

OCI (Opinion-Creating Initiative)

“Immigrants” of Cyberspace

Buzz/ Word-of-Mouth

Network Hubs

The “Rules” of Networks

Contagious Products

Seed Unit

The New P’s of Marketing

TV-Industrial Complex

Remarkable Marketing


“Thinking Pink”

Transparent Marketing/Campaigns

Hybrid Campaigns

Visible Campaigns

Module 11: Value Discipline

Operational Excellence

Product Leadership

Customer Intimacy

Operating Model

Transaction Environment

Vertical vs. Virtual Integration

Core Competencies vs. Core Essence

Innovation vs. Renovation

Emotional Benefits

Functional Benefits



Demand-Based Segmentation

Hard Opposition

Soft Opposition


Soft Support

Hard Support

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