Strategic Talent Management

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Strategic Talent Management

Strategic Talent Management course will provide a comprehensive look beyond the war for talent and examine the working model and hands-on practice for participants to understand how HR Strategy, Human Capital Strategy, and Strategic Talent Management are interrelated and must be integrated if an organization is to realize its maximum potential.

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You will learn how to

On this Strategic Talent Management training seminar, you will gain insight into innovative talent identification methods, develop targeted grading structures, review and develop competency/behavioral frameworks as well as how to grade and assess your talent/high potentials with the effective use of psychometric tools and other assessment methods. In addition, you will define critical development options ensuring the correct development for talent in the organization. You will also learn how to create sustained growth through active succession planning and strategy in order to ensure positive career paths and development for talent and high potential employees.

Important Course Information


Defining and Attracting Talent

• Talent Management – overview and background
• Talent / High potential – defining the criteria
• The complex dimensions
• Talent options – recruit external – or grow internal?
• Aligning Talent Management with Organizational Development (OD) and Business Strategy
• Utilizing Workforce Planning and other sources of data
• Attraction strategies – use of media and other channels

Creating Your High Potential Talent Pool

• Talent management models, grading and structures
• Assessment methods and systems – use of Psychometric/Behavioral/Competency frameworks
• Conducting an effective Talent Gap Analysis
• ABC model of Potential – getting the criteria right
• Using the 9 Box Grid, and other methods to create your talent and high potential matrix

Building a talent management system

• Building a talent management system
• Develop assessment tools and scores
• Develop training and development solutions
• Assess each employee for core competencies and forecast potential
• Prepare action plans

Developing your Talent and High Potentials

• Defining high caliber development options
• Conducting an effective performance discussion
• Creating individual development plans
• Powerful feedback techniques: motivating individuals to achieve higher potential
• Coaching for success

Retaining and Sustaining your Talent and High Potentials

• Career paths – guidance for growth
• Using mentoring programs to develop and retain your talent
• Reward strategies – intrinsic and extrinsic incentives to motive your talent
• Managing expectations and delivering workable outcomes
• Growth rotation development (assignments, experience strategies)
• Creating a sustainable talent pipeline

Strategic Succession Planning and Organizational Capability Review

• Defining your bench strength
• Succession Planning and the OCR process
• Conducting effective Calibration Meetings
• Formulating a strategic talent plan for the organization in line with the Business Strategy
• Communicating the Strategy to the Board and the Company

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