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Strategic Planning Professional (SPP)

Strategic Planning Professional

Small businesses use strategic planning consultants as well as large corporations and non-profit organizations to help plan long-term growth and development strategies.

A strategic planning consultant must have a good understanding of the business and its current direction in order gather information and make recommendations on designing a future path.

Become a strategic planning consultant by studying business, finance and strategic planning models and marketing yourself to companies and organizations that might need your services.

Achieving ASP certification is a signal to the world that you know what you are doing in the field of strategy. Earning the designations of SPP or SMP after your name symbolizes that you understand the “thousand-piece puzzle” of strategy—not just the 50 piece beginner puzzle.


In this course, you learn the International Strategic Planning Professional (SPP) ® terminology required to pass the SPP® exam. You will receive a CD of material including the SPP Body of Knowledge ® Guide and exam bank questions. You also receive the Campus Education SPP ® attendance Certificate.

Strategic Planning Certificate Program gives you an understanding of the discipline in strategic management as a whole and built stages and the necessary steps for the planning, implementation and evaluation strategy.

Professionals skilled in strategic planning can create and manage valid approaches to planning and implementation that best fits their organization and be useful in strategic management.


The Strategic Planning Certificate program is an approved program of the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) – Canada.

To achieve SPP Credential you need to pass an international exam. The examinations assess competencies in four domains: Lead, Think, Plan and Act.

Eligibility Requirements

2 years (minimum) in an internal planning role or as a junior external planning consultant

College Graduate or 5 years work experience in strategic planning or related field

Exam Information

3 hours and 160 questions



Module 1: Lead in Personal Creditability (Think-Plan-Act)

Set goals and opportunities for his/her own lifelong learning and continuing education in the field

Strive to develop and maintain

Act with conscious intent

Commit to ethical Practices and high professional Standards

Take inventory of them

Develop a Personal Vision

Develop Personal credibility

Module 2: Lead in Interpersonal Relationships

Show empathy, caring, and respect

Communicate effectively and actively

Mentor and coach others

Manage Conflict

Be innovative and creative

Build and adhere to a reputation for integrity, ethical behavior, and fairness to others

Facilitate better problem solving and decision making

Seek and act upon constructive feedback

Give Critical, yet constructive Feedback to others are including executives

Module 3: The candidate should know and/or understand how to accomplish ten tasks

Future global Environmental scanning

Risk Management

Economic and Portfolio Analysis

Structural Analysis

Customer Satisfaction information

Organizational growth strategies

Common Framework and Language


Strategic goals and Measurements

Module 4: Think Processes

Ethical Considerations

Draw quiet people out safely

Virtual Teams

Culture of creativity and innovation

Focus on keeping things simples

Near-Term trend and competitive/ industry

Pre-work and pre-meetings

Module 5: Think Infrastructures

Strategic thinking Framework

Strategic Thinking Infrastructure

Organize meetings

Involve a broader array

Module 6: Plan Content

Corporate Strategic plan

The Topline

Lower cost

Future Environmental Scan

Conduct Decision Analysis

Premier theorists and practitioners

Leverage, Align and cascade the corporate direction

Use goal setting and Metrics

Core competencies

Corporate Culture

Module 7: Plan Processes

Cascade all the strategic Planning Components

Different Methodologies for Strategic Planning

Current state statement

Desired outcomes

Scenario planning and modeling

Organization Core value

Vision and mission statement

Department planning process

Involve all key internal and external stakeholders

Module 8: Plan Infrastructures

Research and required data collection

Utilize online and computer technologies

Support team and functional cadre

Annual Strategic planning review

Keep smile and clear

Continuous Improvement Processes

Module 9: Action Content

People support what they help create

Teamwork and project management skills

Organization’s culture

Break down long-term strategic plans

New emerging theories

Application of quality management and customer services

Module 10: Action Processes

Involvement of all key internal and external stakeholders

Accountability process and information systems

Modifications of the implementation plan

Provide mechanisms, including lessons learned that ensure the process is improved over time

Trusted adviser to project teams

Module 11: Action Infrastructures

Key stakeholders

Funding and resources for the required change

Regular change leadership team

Portfolio Management system

Annual implementation Schedule

All components of the system are interrelated

Employee engagement and attunement

Module 12: Professional Roles

The role of the strategic planning / strategic Management professional in strategic planning (lead think – plan- act)

The roles of the key others the strategic planning professionals and strategic management professional will interact with including the broad of directors, CEO, sr. the management team, line managers, and SBUs

The terminology, definitions, and framework of the different components of the fields of strategic planning (lead- think – plan – act)

How to clarity, roles and relationships of strategic planning professionals and strategic management professionals should be with internal and external clients

The keys to engineer success “upfront” in successful strategic planning process


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