Strategic Business Intelligence BI

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Strategic Business Intelligence BI

Strategic Business Intelligence – Practical Training to Move BI toward ROI.

To successfully compete in today’s global business environment an organization must continuously monitor, recognize and understand every aspect and every issue of its operations, its industry and the overall business environment.

Setting up a business intelligence within an organization takes more than just installing the technology.

A successful BI programme involves a set of interlaced business concepts and frameworks designed to improve the fact-based business decision-making process.

This course focuses on the business aspects of designing and implementing a BI programme rather than looking at BI from the information technology aspect.

The focus of business intelligence is the transformation of data into value-added information: where to source it, how to integrate it, and how to enhance and deliver it as analytic insight to support business decision making.

Effective implementation of a Business Intelligence (BI) program results in better business decisions and increased success in achieving goals.

In this BI training course, you will learn how to identify the maturity level of your BI solution, and articulate critical elements of your answer to maximizing your organization’s business opportunities.

The facilitator will work with you through a case study in this hands-on training, and you will be able to re-apply the template as soon as you’re back at work.

This program will introduce Business Intelligence (BI), hands-on, to allow you to clean, normalize, and interpret large volumes of data. You will be able to establish historical relationships, analyze the current situation and predict future strategies.

The application of BI is borderless, covering operational, tactical and strategic business decisions. It spans all departments and cascades down to all users who perform data cleansing, reporting, analysis, modeling, integration, and automation.

You might be interested in other Strategic Planning programs as a next step.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 4 days


Learn how Business Intelligence (BI) leads to sustainable and profitable growth

Get hands-on experience in developing strategic elements and performance measures and analyzing results

Identify best practice and latest trends in strategy, BI, and Competitive Intelligence

Learn how to implement and sustain BI in your organization

Apply the BI Meta Model (BIMM) to turn desired outcomes into actions

Choose between a strategic and a tactical application of BI

Map operational data to a data warehouse

Design a BI solution for a business problem



At the end of the course, there will be a multiple-choice exam of straight-forward questions based upon the content covered during the session.

A pass mark of 50%, in addition to a perfect attendance record and active participation during the course sessions, is required to be awarded the Certificate of Completion from Strategic Axis.

This course is also approved for Microsoft recertification credits.



Module 1: What Is “Business Intelligence (BI) And Analytics”?

Why is BI important?

Strategy and BI

KPIs and BI

Introduction to the BI framework

Understand change management context and buy-in definition

Understand how to assess, establish and build buy-in

Module 2: Putting Intelligence Behind Your Vision

Environmental analysis

Competitive Intelligence

Mission, vision, and strategy as drivers behind BI

Strategic objectives

Strategy Development Case Study

Performing environmental analysis

Developing mission and vision elements

Developing strategy and strategic objectives

Module 3: Performance Management – From Data to Information

Understand KPI context and fundamentals

Basic KPI taxonomy and introduce different families (types) of measures: strategic, operational, project, programme, employee, and risk

Characteristics of good KPI development

Best practice in using performance information

How information rolls up and how to drill down

Fundamentals of targets and thresholds

Understand best practice in using performance information

Metadata and services repositories

Regression analysis

Presenting information (dashboards)

Learn the fundamentals of targets and thresholds Case Study Developing KPIs

Developing KPIs

Developing targets and thresholds

Module 4: The Business Intelligence Framework: Think Big and Start Small

People (Users, Analysts, and Enablers)

Business and decision processes

Analytic processes

Information visualization and reporting

Information infrastructure processes

BI project management

Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC)

Module 5: BI Platforms and Tools

BI systems requirements

Extracting and transforming data

Big Data for business decisions

Big Data and social media

Big Data technologies

Analytic applications

Decision support and making systems

Predictive analytics

Artificial intelligence

Module 6: Evaluating Readiness for Business Intelligence

Assessing Project Feasibility

Business Intelligence Maturity Levels

Driving the BI Initiative Forward

Business Intelligence Technologies

Data Governance

Data Governance Framework

Module 7: Organizing a Business Intelligence Competency Center

Defining Competence

How the BICC Addresses the Six Challenges of BI

What Is the BICC?

Change Management and Transition Requirements

Top-Down Data Analysis

Bottom-Up Source Data Analysis

Data Cleansing

Developing the Data Warehouse

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