Oracle Primavera P6 Training Advanced

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Oracle Primavera P6 Training Advanced

Oracle Primavera P6 Training Advanced training teaches you about resource management topics like manual allocation, bucket planning, and leveling. Project management topics include earned value analysis and advanced scheduling.

Understand P6 Professional’s advanced resource and project management functionality so you can make improved decisions when managing your projects. You’ll learn how to manage resources efficiently to maximize investment and use advanced project management techniques to ensure maximum return on investment.

Strategic Axis training class allows attendees to focus on the real world application of Primavera. It explores the different methods of analysis, risk analysis process, and scheduling concepts.

Our Oracle Primavera class is designed to allow users and management to be pro-active in understanding the progress of the project relating to money and communication.

At Strategic Axis, we understand the time pressures routinely faced by project teams. Taking a full week out of the office to learn new software systems can be challenging when real projects are bidding for your attention.

This is why Strategic Axis has developed highly-streamlined Primavera P6 training classes that get to the point quickly and effectively. All of our courses follow a fast-track principle providing the knowledge you need in less time than the “vanilla” courses offered by our competitors.

Primavera P6 is a sophisticated system with vast capabilities. We won’t teach you everything it can do; we teach you everything you need to know. That’s the Strategic Axis difference!

Strategic Axis Primavera P6 training courses are thorough and succinct; structured to maximize learning by adopting an approach of explanation, demonstration and practice teaching. Whether you’re a visual, auditory or tactile learner, each topic is presented using techniques that are synchronous with your particular learning style.

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This is official Oracle course.

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  • DURATION 2 days


Following on from our Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals class, this Workshop takes students through the most commonly used and requested advanced topics. Focusing on the practical use in the real world of Primavera P6 Professional, this Workshop will extend your knowledge of its capabilities and how these are applied when using the tool. Take your experience to the next level and boost your efficient use of Primavera P6 Professional and join us at this Workshop.



Students will receive Strategic Axis professional certificate.



Module 1: Using Earned Value Analysis

Calculating Planned Value Cost

Calculating Actual Cost

Calculating Earned Value Cost

Measuring Performance Percent Complete

Module 2: User Preferences

Understanding User Preferences

Recommended user preference settings

Module 3: Managing Multiple Projects

Opening Multiple Projects

Setting the Default Project

Module 4: Activity Codes

What are activity codes

How to create and manage Global, EPS and Project level activity codes

User Defined Fields (UDFs)

Project Codes and Resource Codes

Module 5: Analyzing Resources and Roles

Using the Resource Usage Profile

Using the Resource Usage Spreadsheet

Manually Allocating Resources

Viewing the Assignments Window

Viewing and Editing Allocation

Module 6: Global Change

What Global Change can do for you

How to create named Global Change configurations

Exporting and Importing Global Change configurations

Module 7: Using Bucket Planning

Editing Future Buckets

Using Curves

Module 7: Roles

What are Roles

How to define Roles

How to assign Roles to Resources

How to assign Resources based upon their Role

Module 8: Leveling Resources

Setting Leveling Options

Leveling Based on Priority

Module 9: Activity Steps

What are Activity Steps

Setting up a P6 Project for Activity Steps

Assigning Steps to an Activity

Creating an Activity Step Template

Driving progress using steps

Module 10: Advanced Scheduling

Multiple Float Paths

Calendar Effect on Lag

Scheduling Out-of-Sequence Activities

Module 11: Using Global Change

Creating a User-Defined Field

Running a Global Change

Module 12: Customizing Gantt Chart Bars

Understanding the Bars dialog

Modifying existing Bars

Create custom Bars based on filters

Bar labels and other attributes of the Gantt Chart

Module 13: Notebooks, WPs and Docs

Adding Notebook Topics to P6

Entering narratives to P6 schedule activities

How to attach Work Products (WPs) and documents (Docs) to P6 Projects

How to associate WPs and Docs to schedule activities

Module 14: Issues and Risks

Entering Issues into your P6 Project

Entering and managing Risks in your P6 Project

Module 15: User Administration

Adding Users to the system

Security Profiles

The Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)

Assigning user privileges to Projects and WBS elements

Module 16: General Administration

Admin Preferences

Admin Categories

Module 17: Advanced Reporting

Creating tabular reports using the Report Wizard

Modifying reports using the report Modify feature

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