New Product Launch Using Marketing Communication

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New Product Launch Using Marketing Communication

Successful product launch and brand positioning are the cornerstones of business success. Businesses frequently jump to a commercial product launch or brand positioning without considering critical strategic issues in enough detail. The result? Inadequate customer focus, poorly defined segments, a functionally driven value proposition, confused brand positioning and ultimately disappointing financial performance.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 4 days


This highly interactive four-day course will help you overcome these issues via the application of proven product launch and brand management techniques to your organization.


Upon completing the course, participants will be awarded Strategic Axis Certificate

Course Outline


Module 1: New Product Development (NPD)

NPD Definitions and Challenges

NPD Objectives and Critical Success Factors

NPD Reasons for Success and Failures

NPD as a Key Marketing Strategy

Assessing Commercial Viability

The Product Launch Marketing And Brand Positioning Canvas

Identifying Critical Success Factors

Profiling Your Target Customer

Module 2: The New Product Development Process

Idea Generation and Screening

Concept Development and Testing

Marketing Strategy

Business Analysis

Product Development

Test Marketing


Module 3: The Product Life Cycle and New Product Launch

Life Cycle Stages

Product Life Cycle Strategies

The Phase-Gate Process: Structuring the NPL

The Boston Consulting Group Growth Matrix

The Product Market Expansion Grid (A Portfolio Planning Tool)

Module 4: New Product Launch: Setting Up the Stage

Things to Consider before Product Launch

The Launch Hurdles

Planning Your Media Schedule and Costs

Selecting the Launch Team

Preparing the Product Launch Checklist and Toolkits

Product Launch Strategies

Module 5: New Product Launch: Full Engagement Launch

Preparing the Press Kit Checklist

Product Launch Marketing Budget Toolkit

Preparing the Press Release

The Product Launch Plan

Product Overview Document

SWOT Analysis, Graphic Chart, and the Creative Plan

The Role of the Advertising Agency

Product Marketing Strategy – Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning

Module 6: The NPL Workshop: Putting It All Together

Launching Your Product To Market – The Role Of The Media Message Guide, Brand Engagement, Communications And Social Media

Identifying Critical Success Factors

Designing and Conducting a New Product Launch

A Challenging Team Game: Presenting the Launch Plan

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