Microsoft Word Basic

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Microsoft Word Basic

Microsoft Word Basic is an introduction to Microsoft Word 2016 course designed for students new to working with Microsoft Word in Windows.

Microsoft Word has made word processing so simple that no one even calls it “word processing,” anymore: the Word is, now, the gold standard for how we create documents.

Understanding how to use Microsoft Office Word is essential to creating polished documents.

This Microsoft Word Basic training class covers basic concepts in Microsoft Word, and also serves as an excellent introduction to the Microsoft Office suite, as well as basic computer skills.

Completing this course will allow you to understand the Microsoft Office environment, navigate documents, and create and format simple documents, giving you a solid foundation in this critical word processing application.

This Basic Word course also includes ample interactive practice activities, ensuring that you have understood each lesson.

Now you can learn Word 2016 from the very beginning. Beautifully designed for beginners to get a great start while helping more experienced users fill in any gaps in their knowledge.

This course is just what you want for being confident with Word in the workplace. Also gives you everything you need to know about personal use, hobbies, non-profit volunteering, or running your own business.

This training course on Basic Microsoft Word 2016, where you will be taught about the software from the start. Anyone who is not aware of how to work on Microsoft Word will benefit from this course.

You will be able to work confidently on this software after completing this course.

Since MS Word is so integral to most offices, proficiency on this software is a must in today’s world. The latest version of Word is Word 2016, which is fast becoming the most preferred word processing software in offices and businesses.

This is official Microsoft course.

You might be interested in Microsoft Word Intermediate course as a next step.

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  • COURSE TYPE Beginner
  • DURATION 1 day


Students exiting this class will feel confident writing a document in Microsoft Word and formatting the text in fundamental ways.

They will be introduced to navigating in the Microsoft Office environment, as well as making use of the Office Ribbon.

The student will be able to create a document and enter and edit text. They will also learn fundamental ways of formatting text, including indents and tabs, shading, and bullets. Students will be able to insert graphics into documents, as well as format the document with headers and footers, margins, and page breaks.

The basics of printing a document will also be discussed.



Students will receive official Microsoft Certificate.



Module 1: Creating a Microsoft Word Document

Starting a Microsoft Document

Creating a Document

Saving a Document

Importing a File

The Status Bar

Closing a Document

Typing into a document

Undo and redo

Editing text

Moving and copying text

Finding and replacing text

Module 2: The Ribbon

The Ribbon




Module 3: The Backstage View (The File Menu)

Introduction to the Backstage View

Opening a Document

New Documents and Word Templates

Configuring Documents to Print

Adding Your Name to Microsoft Word

Adding Values to Document Properties

Working with Autosaved Versions of Documents

Module 4: The Quick Access Toolbar

Adding Common Commands

Adding Additional Commands with the Customize Dialog Box

Adding Ribbon Commands and Groups


Module 5: Formatting Microsoft Word Documents

Selecting Text

Selecting Fonts

Working with Lists

Inserting a Hyperlink in a Document

Using Styles

Using Themes

Using the Ruler

Character formatting

Paragraph formatting


Indent settings

Using tabs



Using Bullets

Module 6: Editing Documents


Find and Replace

Find and Replace Tips

Appending Text to a Document

Using the Clipboard

Module 7: Finalizing Microsoft Word Documents

Adding Page Numbers

Headers and Footers

Checking Spelling and Grammar


Headers and footers

Page breaks

Inserting and editing graphics

Module 8: New Features in Word 2016

Using Read Mode

Object Zoom Feature

Tell Me

Smart Lookup

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