Microsoft Word Advanced

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Microsoft Word Advanced

Microsoft Word Advanced course is the course for you if you need to produce well-defined Forms and work with large Documents.

Our Microsoft Word Advanced course is suitable for those with a sound working knowledge of Word who wish to progress to the most complicated functions and features.

Do you need to create forms for users to input data such an application or a survey form? Are you sending out hundreds or thousands of letters or brochures to customers or staff and finding it difficult to handle all the different names and addresses in those letters and envelops? This course is for you.

We will teach and guide you on how to simplify these tasks that will help you complete these tedious tasks with much less time and effort.

Faced with the monotonous routine of editing and formatting documents or you are performing the same tasks in Microsoft Word that requires several steps in many reports?

The good news is that our Microsoft Word 2016 Advanced course will enable you to perform such tasks efficiently and quickly with Macros saving you time and increase your level of productivity!

Are you handling numerous documents such as your company’s Quality Manual, feasibility study report, or annual report? Are you submitting a thesis or dissertation for your ‘A’ Level or university degree?

Learn all the relevant features that will enable you to produce such documents in this challenging word 2016 module. You will learn how a table of content and a table of the index that can be automatically generated and updated. Adding bookmarks, footnotes and endnotes will be a breeze. Your completed document will be looking professional and easy to manage and maintain.

Our Advanced Microsoft Word course will empower you to take Word beyond necessary word processing to its full potential as one of your main productivity tools.

Learn to automate Word with Building Blocks, macros and Mail Merge, create TOC, indexes and master pages, and forms.

This course is instructor-led and involves working on some practical, hands-on examples and exercises in a workshop environment.

Whether you use Word for work, study or leisure, these tutorials will help you transform that blank page into a professional looking document!

This is official Microsoft course.

You might be interested in Basic and Intermediate levels of Word as a prerequisite to this course.

Go Beyond Basic Features in Microsoft Word And Achieve More!

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  • DURATION 1 day


This training course in Microsoft Word will propel your Word skills forward to an advanced level.

Perfect for anyone working in an office environment as a Secretary, PA, EA, VA, Admin Assistant, etc. This course is designed for those that have already taken our Microsoft Word course, or already have an excellent working knowledge of the Word programme, and wish to push their skills onto an expert level and use some of the more advanced features.

In this course, students will learn to automate Microsoft Word through the use of building blocks and Quick Parts for inserting pre-formatted blocks of text and graphics, fields to add metadata, and recorded Macros to automate repetitive processes.

Students will also learn to utilize reference tools such as bookmarks, hyperlinks, cross-references, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography tools, sources, and placeholders.

Students will also learn techniques to manage long documents by creating a table of contents, marking and building indexes, and inserting captions. Students will also work with the Outline View and master documents to quickly organize documents, create Mail Merges, and make forms.



Completion of Microsoft Word Introduction and Intermediate courses or equivalent skill level.


Students will receive official Microsoft Certificate.



Module 1: Working with Long Documents

Adding a Table of Contents

Updating a Table of Contents

Deleting the Table of Contents

Footnotes and Endnotes

Exercise: Working with Footnotes

Inserting Citations and a Bibliography

Exercise: Insert Citations and a Bibliography

Adding an Index

Exercise: Inserting an Index

Inserting a Table of Figures

Inserting and Updating a Table of Authorities

Creating an Outline

Module 2: Review and Collaborating on Documents

Adding Comments

Exercise: Adding Comments to a Document

Tracking Changes

Exercise: Tracking Changes

Viewing Changes, Additions, and Comments

Exercise: Viewing Markup

Accepting and Rejecting Changes

Exercise: Accepting and Rejecting Changes

Module 3: Comparing and Combining Documents

Comparing Documents

Exercise: Comparing Documents

Combining Documents

Exercise: Combining Documents

Module 4: Managing Mailings

Creating Envelopes and Labels

Exercise: Printing an Envelope

Using Mail Merge

Exercise: Using Mail Merge

Module 5: Protecting Documents

Making Microsoft Word Documents Read Only

Password Protect Word Documents

Removing Metadata from Files

Restrict Formatting and Editing

Exercise: Protecting a Document

Module 6: Random Useful Items

Add bookmarks to a document and use them to jump around a document.

Add watermarks to a Microsoft Word document.

Add titles to sections.

Insert built-in fields.

Use the Go To feature.

Customize the ribbon.

Prepare a document for internationalization and accessibility.

Module 7: New Features as of 2016

Using the Cloud

Resume Reading Feature

Ink Equations

Version History

Shape Formatting


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