Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate

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Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate

Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate class goes beyond the basics of creating a design template presentation with text and clip art.

Delivering a presentation in the office to your colleagues and bosses or presenting to a public audience in seminars is becoming an essential skill in today’s work life.

Are your PowerPoint presentations lacking the polish or punch you’d like them to have?

Our Intermediate PowerPoint training class lets you take your PowerPoint skills to the next level, enabling you to make more complex, interactive, and engaging presentations.

This course will give you the ability to create presentations that will be more visually appealing and impactful when giving a presentation.

The course provides ample interactive activity, allowing you to be sure that you have mastered each lesson.

The course provides ample interactive activity, allowing you to be sure that you have mastered each lesson.

Our experienced educators will be with you every step of the way, leading you to a thorough understanding of the material, and answering all of your questions.

In Intermediate PowerPoint, we will learn to add custom effects to these slide elements and how to add tables, charts, diagrams, motion clips, sound clips, and hyperlinks to slides.  We will also learn how to customize these slide elements to suit our needs.

This course will teach how to use the graphics, shapes, formatting, Smart and Word Art, tables, transitions and animations and slide masters. This class will also include all the unique ways of running these presentations.

A person with this level of skills can customize templates and the Powerpoint environment and make a presentation interactive by using hyperlinks and action buttons.

Learn Essential PowerPoint Techniques For Your Effective Presentation!

This is official Microsoft course.

You might be interested in Advanced Level PowerPoint course as a next step.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 2 days


Students exiting this class will learn the skills to create PowerPoint content for presentations.

They will learn how to create consistent themes and color schemes, customize images with many unique tricks, and develop slides that will get the most audience retention. Students will understand more advanced slide formatting techniques and will learn to use the master slide better. They will learn to use more advanced techniques in working with pictures and SmartArt.

More advanced presentation tools, provided in PowerPoint, will also be covered.



Students entering the Intermediate PowerPoint training course should have a general familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint, including adding slides, editing content, and working with graphics.

Students should also feel comfortable working in Microsoft Word.


Students will receive official Microsoft Certificate.



Module 1: Creating PowerPoint Slides for Impact Presentations

The 5 step process to develop fast and professional PowerPoint presentations

How to create dynamic slides for presentations

How to create slides that increase audience retention and recall of content

Best practices for powerful PowerPoint presentations

Module 2: Slide Master and Theme Formatting

Formatting the Slide Master

Changing theme colors

Creating custom font themes

Changing slide layouts

Themes and colors for consistent and polished presentations

Module 3: Pictures and Images

The proper balance of images and text on a slide

The best types of images to use

Where to find images

Inserting pictures

Resizing and moving images

Cropping images

Module 4: Pictures Special Effects

Expanding parts of images to create “blank space”

Making collages of images that look consistent

Modifying pictures with color and effects

Adjusting image shading and color to best display text

Using Blur effects for slide backgrounds

Rotating images

Module 5: SmartArt and Additional Tools

Creating SmartArt displays of information

Formatting SmartArt with color and shapes

Using the mini slide-show window when editing

Working in Slide Sorter View

Adding interactions with action buttons

Creating hyperlinks with images

Module 6: Creating & Editing Business Diagrams

Creating a Table

Setting Table Options

Applying Table Styles

Entering Data in Table Cells

Adjusting Table Cells

Importing & Displaying Excel Data

Saving a Template

Applying a Custom Template

Module 7: Setting Up The Slide Show

Setting Up a Custom Show

Creating a Hyperlink

Adding an Action Button

Jumping to Another Presentation

Using Rehearse Timings

Navigating within a Slide Show

Annotating a Presentation

Creating a Presenter-Independent Slide Show

Setting Up a Slide Show to Repeat Automatically

Module 8: Managing Multiple Presentations

Merging Multiple Presentations

Reusing Slides from Other Presentations

Viewing Multiple Presentations

Tracking Changes in PowerPoint

Module 9: Sharing and Securing a Presentation

Sharing a Presentation with a Remote Audience

Embedding the Fonts in a Presentation

Inspecting the Presentation

Packaging a Presentation for CD

Using the Power Point Viewer

Encrypting a Presentation

Adding a Digital Signature

Marking a Presentation as Final

Granting Permissions

Compressing Pictures

Sending a Presentation in PDF format

Module 10: Completing the Presentation

Running the presentation

Hiding Slides

Creating Custom Shows

Audience handouts – avoiding the slide deck print!

Additional presentation tools

Tips and tools for best running presentations

Additional presentation techniques

Module 11: Features New Since PowerPoint 2016

Using Comments

Motion Path Changes

Creating Custom Color with the Eyedropper

Using the Cloud

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