Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

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Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced.

In any stand-up presentation, there are two critical components to excellent performance, your delivery, and your slides.

They require two different sets of skills.

This course focuses on your presentation slides which serve as an aid for your audience and to your delivery.

PowerPoint builds slides only and slides by themselves do not win deals, but it acts as an indicator of your professionalism and quality.

This Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced training course will make you an expert PowerPoint user.

Incorporating tables and charts to make visual data representations is a frequent need for presentations today.

With Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced 2016 this can be made simple. You will learn how to create organization charts and present them efficiently and transparently in our uniquely design advanced PowerPoint module.

When you need to deliver a presentation to the different audience, do you create a separate PowerPoint presentation files, containing many universal slides? Updating these unlimited slides means updating more than one presentation file.

In our PowerPoint Advanced course, you no longer need to do that, you only need one presentation file for the different audience, and we will show you how.

Are you using animation features only to animate objects and clipart for visual effects? Combining them with other PowerPoint features, you can use PowerPoint for other useful purposes such as an information kiosk, a self-learning or revisionary tool, and beyond. EXPAND your horizon in our course!

Do you know that videos are widely used in social media today? Knowing how to incorporate a video into your presentation and editing it directly in PowerPoint 2016 and also not forgetting about audio files.

When you know how to include them appropriately in your presentation is beneficial and refreshing!

This course is very hands-on and ensures that you practice the techniques that you are being taught. Training is led by highly experienced PowerPoint professionals who give you lots of practical PowerPoint tips and tricks.

Whether your creating presentations at work for your business or just fancy learning something new, this course covers essential aspects of the slideshow software.

This is official Microsoft course.

You might be interested in Basic or Intermediate Levels of PowerPoint as prerequisites for this course.

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  • DURATION 2 days


This is the third of three PowerPoint courses and covers topics in more details such as the use of Diagrams and Charts plus Video and Audio Techniques.  PowerPoint Animation is included.

Hyperlinks, linking and embedding is covered in detail as well as Merging, Comparing & Exporting PowerPoint presentations

Additional Slide Show formatting techniques are included, such as ‘Custom Slideshows.’

Sharing, Design & Compatibility Issues are also covered.

By the end of the course, you will have become an expert in the use of Microsoft PowerPoint.



This course is for learners who have attended out Microsoft PowerPoint Basic to the Intermediate module or for those who are well versed in those topics covered in their syllabus.


Students will receive an official Microsoft Certificate.



Module 1: Customizing Presentations

  • Applying a Theme
  • Applying a Background Style
  • Adding a Footer
  • Arranging and Printing Sections

Module 2: Presentation Masters

  • Working with the Slide Master
  • Slide Layouts
  • Formatting Slide Masters and Layouts
  • Adding a Watermark to Your Presentation
  • Adding Slide Numbers Using the Slide Master
  • Inserting a New Slide Master
  • Preserving a Slide Master
  • Modifying the Notes Master
  • Modifying the Handout Master

Module 3: Working with Special Effects

  • Animating Text and Objects
  • Working with the Animation Painter
  • Setting Animation Timing
  • Animating a Chart

Module 4: Using SmartArt

  • Inserting SmartArt Graphics
  • Modifying Smart Art Graphics
  • Resizing/Repositioning a SmartArt Object
  • Inserting Text into a SmartArt Object
  • Formatting Text in a SmartArt Object
  • Adding Shapes to a SmartArt Object
  • Ungrouping SmartArt Objects

Module 5: Multimedia

  • Creating a Photo Album
  • Adding Captions
  • Applying a Theme to Your Album
  • Customizing an Album
  • Exercise: Creating and Modifying a Photo Album
  • Inserting Sounds and Video
  • Editing Media Clips

Module 6: Setting Up the Slide Show

  • Setting Up a Custom Show
  • Creating a Hyperlink
  • Adding an Action Button
  • Jumping to Another Presentation
  • Exercise: Presenting a Custom Show
  • Using Rehearse Timings
  • Navigating within a Slide Show
  • Annotating a Presentation
  • Creating a Presenter-Independent Slide Show
  • Setting Up a Slide Show to Repeat Automatically

Module 7: Outlines and Slides

  • Exporting Notes and Handouts to Word
  • Exporting an Outline to Word
  • Saving a Presentation as an Outline
  • Merging Multiple Presentations
  • Reusing Slides from Other Presentations
  • Viewing Multiple Presentations
  • Tracking Changes in PowerPoint

Module 8: Sharing and Securing a Presentation

  • Sharing a Presentation with a Remote Audience
  • Embedding the Fonts in a Presentation
  • Inspecting the Presentation
  • Packaging a Presentation for CD
  • Using the PowerPoint Viewer
  • Exercise: Sharing a Presentation
  • Encrypting a Presentation
  • Adding a Digital Signature
  • Marking a Presentation as Final
  • Granting Permissions
  • Compressing Pictures
  • Sending a Presentation in PDF format

Module 9: Collaborating On A Presentation

  • Reviewing a Presentation
  • Working with Comments
  • Working with Slide Library
  • Creating a Web Presentation
  • Working with Hyperlinks
  • Using Action Button & Action Settings
  • Publish Presentation as Web Page
  • Setting Margins
  • Paper Size and Orientation
  • Page Breaks and Pagination
  • Using Headers and Footers
  • Page Numbering
  • Spell Checking
  • Grammar Checking
  • Using the Thesaurus
  • Inserting Clip Art
  • Inserting Imported Graphics
  • Image Manipulation
  • Shapes and Smart-Art
  • Printing the Document
  • Printing Ranges and Collating
  • Scaling Printout

Module 10: What's new in 2019

  • Enter the text highlighter
  • Vector graphics for visual impact
  • Convert SVG icons to shapes
  • Funnel Charts
  • Transition Morph
  • The Zoom
  • Remove Image Background
  • Insert Icons and 3D models
  • Add an Online Video
  • Convert to High-Quality Videos
  • Digital Control
  • Export to 4K
  • Recording features
  • In The Classroom

  • Live, Online

  • Private Team Training

  • Indiviual Private Session

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