Microsoft Excel Basic

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Microsoft Excel Basic

Microsoft Excel Basic. Brand-new to Excel? Welcome aboard!

If you’re new to Excel, it’s essential to learn the basics – in the right order. This is an Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016 training course; students will create and edit basic worksheets and workbooks.

This course is designed for students who want to gain the necessary skills to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Excel 2016 worksheets.

With our lessons you will learn basic techniques including how to use math, statistical, logic and text functions, organize data by sorting and filtering, efficiently present your data in several chart formats and more.

In this Microsoft Excel training course, expert training provider will take you through the basics of the worlds most famous spreadsheet software.

Excel can be a complicated and confusing program to use, but this course breaks it down into bite-sized pieces. No prior experience in Excel or spreadsheets is required to get the most out of this Excel beginners training.

You will start with the absolute basics, creating and saving a new workbook.

The course proceeds step by step through the process of entering data in cells, doing basic math, formatting your worksheets, setting up pages for printing and applying basic mathematical formulas.

Once you are comfortable with the basics, you will move on to more advanced formatting with themes, using Excel provided templates, adding graphics and charts, and using Excel as a database.

By the time you have completed this training course, you will be comfortable with day to day operations that you would perform in this software program.

You will be able to perform calculations and create professional graphs and charts from your data. Working files are included to allow you to follow along using the same source material.

This is accredited Microsoft course.

You might be interested in Microsoft Excel Intermediate course as a next step.

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  • COURSE TYPE Beginner
  • DURATION 1 day


The training explains Microsoft Excel starting with the absolute basics of creating your very first worksheet. He slowly works you up through learning the various capabilities of this compelling program and covers topics such fundamental to advanced formula and functions. A chapter on how to connect to Microsoft Web Apps is also covered. The course also shows how to use your SkyDrive to store and share your Microsoft Excel Projects.



Students will receive official Microsoft Certificate.



Module 1: Getting to Know Excel

Creating basic worksheets using Microsoft Excel


The Ribbon

The Work Surface


First File

Print the content of an Excel worksheet


Basic Math

Module 2: Developing A Workbook

Entering Text And Numbers

Inputting Dates And Times

Editing The Contents Of A Cell

Using Copy And Paste

The FILL Handle

Using Undo And Redo


Modifying Typeface

Font Size And Colors

Merging Cells

Enhancing Worksheets Using Themes

Working With Comments

Creating Your AutoFill List

Turning Your Data Into A Table For Formatting

Module 3: Essential Formula Knowledge

Formula Anatomy

Cell Referencing

Function Anatomy

Math Functions

Basic Statistics

Logic Functions

Text Functions

Understanding Dates

Understanding Time

Module 4: Optimizing Data



Continuous Data

Naming Ranges

Excel Tables

Module 5: Presenting and Reporting

Cell Formatting


Custom Number Formats

Conditional Formats with Built-In Rules

Building Column Charts

Building Bar Charts

Building Pie Charts

Building Line Charts

Module 6: Security

Using Protection On A Worksheet

Protecting Part Of A Worksheet To Facilitate Data Entry

Controlling Access To Cell Ranges By Password And Or User Accounts

Saving A Workbook With Password Protection

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