Individual Contributors Leadership

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Individual Contributors Leadership

Individual Contributors Leadership Program – Foundational Leadership Journeys.

Our award-winning Individual Contributors Program uses multi-touch and immersive experiential technologies to truly transform your contributor employees and bring out their exponential potential, as you groom them to take on frontline roles.

Individual contributors are focused on performing a specialized skill or set of tasks. They do not manage people but may have circumstances where they are called upon to lead.

Many newly promoted leaders have discovered, to their chagrin, that their new title doesn’t count for much to get the resources they need or to accomplish their goals and strategy. They have to win the support and allegiance of their bosses, peers, and others in their team and elsewhere.

Your first-time manager is making a potentially priceless transition. Help them to prepare for the new role and hit the ground running, using Strategic Axis powerful Foundational Leadership Journeys.

In Strategic Axis we think there is a tremendous opportunity to provide this group with many of the same development processes that their managerial colleagues receive.  We’ve found that they greatly appreciate receiving feedback from others.

They benefit from becoming better team players, from improved communication skills and by learning to be better coaches.

Nearly everything they accomplish they do through influence because they usually lack any formal “role power.”

Our research has shown that their pattern of competencies that lead to their success is closely aligned with the skills of active executives and managers in the firm.

Because these people are so valuable, one objective of providing development is to have them feel highly valued.

You want them to know that as an organization you respect their contribution and that you care about their development enough to invest in it.

One more reason to provide development to this forgotten group is that a number of them could well develop into excellent managers.

This is an official CMI UK Training.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 3 days


Our tailored Individual Contributor Programmes are designed to reinforce the organization’s management training programmes. We include some of the same experiences, review processes and models which ensure that managers and individual contributors alike share a common language.

The primary focus for Individual Contributor Programmes is often in the area of personal skills development. However, we also provide targeted training initiatives to help individuals address specific situations such as a significant organizational change or a change in job roles.


At the end of the course, there will be a multiple-choice exam of straight-forward questions based upon the content covered during the session.

A pass mark of 50%, in addition to a perfect attendance record and active participation during the course sessions, is required to be awarded the Certificate of Completion from Strategic Axis.

Additionally, Participants can receive CMI UK certificates based on particular conditions.



Module 1: Managing priorities

Prioritize tasks using urgent versus important matrix;

Comprehend the time management personas;

Identify methods for effective delegation and empowerment;

Understand the difference between effectiveness and efficiency

Module 2: Self-awareness

Explore ways to become more self-aware as a leader;

Identify the different ways of managing your leadership priorities;

Overcome unconscious biases;

Derive personal vision through big picture thinking

Module 3: Planning & organizing

Manage project resources optimally;

Deliver to client expectations;

Prioritize tasks to manage time effectively;

Improve productivity to show results

Module 4: Customer centricity

Comprehend customer centricity;

Demonstrate customer-centric behaviors;

Identify various types of customers;

Understand the strategies for effectively handling customers

Module 5: Dealing with Change

Understand the nature of change;

Understand how change affects individuals;

Developing your resilience towards change;

Develop personal strategies to become a change catalyst

Module 6: Influencing skills

Understand the dynamics of persuasive communication;

Leverage facts, figures, and information to influence effectively;

Influence team members without using authority;

Lead change using effective influencing skills

Module 7: Collaboration for Success

Recognize the significance of seeking collaboration across teams;

Identify the different ways of collaborating with others;

Identify barriers to effective collaboration;

Explore ways to foster effective collaboration amongst team members

Module 8: Result orientation

Explain the significance of result orientation;

Analyze and apply the Outcome / Result Based approach;

List the various barriers and challenges to being result oriented;

Uncover the various steps involved in achieving results

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