HR Analytics Training

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HR Analytics Training

HR Analytics Training Course – Gain a deeper understanding of your workforce and improve the quality and credibility of HR organizational insight and decision-making, with this course.

The course prepares you to lead an HR Analytics function in your company successfully.

HR leaders help drive business performance by delivering competitive advantage through people. Performance relies on measures, so you need to be adept at planning and interpreting your organization’s “people metrics.”

This requires a solid grasp of HR Analytics: the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of data designed to improve decisions about talent and the organization as a whole. The use of analytics is changing the way HR professionals quantify the value that people—our most significant asset—have on the organization’s ability to succeed in the market or its mission.

In this course, you take a strategic view of your organization’s use of HR data and its measurement systems.

The course prepares you to determine the HR metrics that align with your company’s strategic goals. It explains the characteristics of high-quality data and equips you to find and collect that data, inside or outside your organization.

It provides a high-level introduction to standard analysis techniques and some mistakes to avoid when interpreting data, or when assessing reports and interpretations offered by others. In the final section of the course, you will learn to take the results of your data collection and analysis and compellingly communicate your findings so that change follows.

Your ability to think strategically about people analytics will help you capture and keep the attention of your senior leadership, and will support more informed, evidence-based decision making in realms that extend well beyond the human resources office.

This course is accredited by HR Certification Institute (HRCI)

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Why Is This Course Relevant Today?

Data is increasingly becoming an integral part of every aspect of a business, including HR. To be successful in today’s business landscape, everyone needs to learn how to leverage HR data to make critical business decisions. Especially within a department where data is so abundantly available, it should be a requirement for every employee to know how to analyze data.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 4 days


This course is by far our favorite, and it may have to do with the fact that we created it! Designed as an “all-in-one” course for HR analytics managers, it is by far the most comprehensive course out there. The course prepares you to lead an HR analytics function in your company successfully.

The course introduces you to the major areas of people analytics, including performance evaluation, staffing, collaboration and talent management. Many real-life examples of HR analytics illustrate all subjects.

Additionally, the course provides an introduction to data management, commonly available data sources within organizations, different statistical techniques to analyze data, and common pitfalls.

This course aims for the HR professional who wants to get started with data.


No prior knowledge or understanding of HR analytics is required.

Participants who fully attend this course and complete the test on the last day will receive a Strategic Axis Professional Certificate (SAPC). SAPC certificates are regionally recognized and can be quite valuable when applying for more senior roles within the organization or outside.

This certification has been approved for 18 Businessrecertification credit hours toward aPHR™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™, and SPHRi™ recertification through the HR Certification Institute.

This course is endorsed by HRCI.

HRCI endorsement is the industry recognized benchmark for high-quality HR training programmes.

Supported by their quality assurance system, endorsement confirms that our training programme is professionally designed and delivered to exacting standards.



Module 1: Adopting an analytics mindset

State-of-the-art analytics: where are we today?

This section examines current best practices in human capital metrics.

The value of human capital

  • Why it is critical to assign financial values to both your workforce and HR activities
  • The concept of people (rather than technology or money) as the last refuge of competitive advantage
  • The fundamental human capital mindset: how to view employees as assets rather than expenses.

The organizational costs and risks of miscalculating employee value.

Five organizational strategies for investing in human capital metrics

This section will examine five fundamental strategies for investing in the development of human capital.

Module 2: Implementing HC analytics

Measuring the impact of HR strategy and investments

This topic discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches used for measuring the value of human capital and HR initiatives.

Accountability of the new HR

Many organizations are already experiencing an increase in the demand for financial evaluation of their people assets and HR initiatives from senior management. But who should be accountable for calculating and delivering this value?

HR, the line, external consultants, or some combination of these? This topic examines practical solutions to this question.

The structure of an individual human capital projects

This topic provides a methodology for structuring “one-off” human capital projects including alignment with business strategy and building the business case.

Embedding human capital analytics in your organization

While individual human capital projects are useful, the real value of analytics emerges once it becomes embedded in the organization’s culture as a standard process. This topic provides a methodology for achieving this including the roles, capabilities, and structures required for maximizing analytics effectiveness.

Assessing your organization’s readiness for human capital analytics initiatives

Because every organization is unique, it must, therefore, tailor its analytics programmes to both its culture and analytical maturity to ensure success. This topic provides participants with tools and techniques for assessing their organizations in this light.

Module 3: Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategy & Data-Driven Decision Making

Measuring Performance & Potential

Bonus: Workforce Crisis in 2030

The HR3P Model in Excel

Creating a Workforce Map

Workforce Scenario Analysis

Module 4: Linking Human Resources to ROI

Financial HR

Costs of Absenteeism

Calculating ROI

Bonus: Explainer Cost Analysis Tool

Module 5: Data Analysis in Excel

HR Analytics in Excel

Statistics in Excel

Bonus: Efficient Metrics

Tables in Excel – Advanced

Building Your First Dashboard

Dates in Pivot Tables & Dashboards

Module 6: Connecting Data Sources & Visualizing HR Data

Data Structures

Connection Transactional Data

Structuring and Modelling Data

Bonus: The Beauty of Data Visualization

Visualizing HR Data

Publishing HR Reports using Power BI

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