Financial Risk, Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving

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Financial Risk, Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving

This training is a seminar that every business professional should attend because it deals with the very essence of the real-life practical problems and risks faced by us all on a daily basis. Such problems have a significant impact on individual and organisational performance and so it is crucially important to be able to use the appropriate management tools to resolve them and avoid their repetition.

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  • DURATION 5 days

You will learn how to

  • Develop the essential skills needed to understand the various types of risk
  • Analyse the choice of options available to deal with business risk and financial risk
  • Identify the key factors to determine the real root causes of business problems
  • Resolve business problems using the problem-solving process
  • Develop a methodology to eliminate the repetition of business problems


Critical Thinking

  • What is critical thinking?
  • How to use critical thinking
  • Why do we need to think critically?
  • Resourceful thinking
  • The habitual criteria and core patterns of critical thinking
  • Essential patterns of more advanced critical thinking


  • What is risk?
  • Identification of the different types of business risk and financial risk
  • The risk-reward decision model
  • The four choices presented by every risk
  • Risk models
  • Assurance versus insurance

Root Cause Analysis

  • Definitions of root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Fundamental elements of the root causes of problems
  • General principles of root cause analysis
  • The process of implementing and documenting an RCA-based corrective action
  • Root cause analysis techniques


  • The theory of constraints (TOC)
  • The Deming plan/do/check/act (PDCA) model
  • Using the problem-solving worksheet
  • The nine-step problem-solving process model
  • The twenty-one step problem-solving process model and its value
  • Using the tools and techniques of the problem-solving process

Linking Critical Thinking with Risk and Root Cause Analysis to Resolve Business Problems

  • Using the problem-solving process to resolve business problems
  • The use of critical thinking in a business context
  • The practical analysis of business and financial risk
  • Applying the tools and techniques of root cause analysis
  • Developing a usable problem-solving approach to generate practical solutions to real-life business problems
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