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FIDIC Contracts Management

FIDIC Contracts Management: Practical Guide

FIDIC Contracts Management course is designed to provide practical guidance to those involved in the management or administration of projects where the use of FIDIC forms of contracts is required.

Although FIDIC contracts often seem relatively straightforward, unforeseen circumstances can quickly cause things to become complicated. That’s why it’s essential to have an advanced-level understanding of the many fine-print contractual details that have the potential to become expensive legal disputes.

That is why we developed this advanced course that will take an in-depth look at how to effectively administer and manage the 1999 & 2017 Editions of the  FIDIC Red and Yellow Book contracts to meet your obligations, as well as the specified deliverables during the execution phase of the project.

We have designed this FIDIC Contracts Management training course to take you through the entire lifecycle of a project and include all of the contract administration tasks that you need to be aware of every step of the way.

The course will also equip you with the skills that you need to determine the inherent risks associated with each stage during the lifecycle of the project under a FIDIC contract.

Using a variety of case studies, we will also take an in-depth look at the recent developments about the interpretation of the contracts and how this impacts the day-to-day management and administration of the agreement, as well as the seemingly simple provisions that can potentially create legal nightmares.

Besides, this course will explore and incorporate all of the technical and procedural competencies and will cover in detail the dealings between the contracting parties and concerned stakeholders no matter if you represent the Employer/Client, Consultant or Contractor.

The course will enable participants to gain confidence in working with these documents, whether they represent employers, consultants or contractors.

This is official FIDIC program.

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This practical course explains and illustrates the use of the FIDIC conditions of contract for construction (the “Construction Contract”) and the FIDIC conditions of contract for plant and design-build (the “Design-Build Contract”). The course will enable participants to gain confidence in working with these documents, whether they represent employers, consultants or contractors.


FIDIC Modules :

Beginner level – no previous knowledge or practical experience in the use of FIDIC contracts

Intermediate level -2 to 3 years of experience on several FIDIC projects, with different roles (Engineer, Contractor, Employer) AND having attended the official accredited FIDIC Module 1

Advanced level – 5 or more years of experience on several FIDIC projects, with different roles (Engineer, Contractor, Employer), good experience in managing claims under FIDIC AND having attended the official accredited FIDIC Module 2

Course Outline


Module 1: FIDIC contract documents: Introduction and principles

Introduction to FIDIC
Background to FIDIC contracts
Harmonization based on the type of project
Features of the 1999 editions
Structure of the documents
Main differences between the 1999 construction contract and the 1987 Red Book
User friendliness
Preparation of conditions of contract
The legal character of FIDIC conditions of contract
Relationship between FIDIC conditions of contract and legal systems
Risk analysis
Which form to use
Overview of the 1999 contracts
Construction contract
Main differences between the construction contracts

Module 2: Responsibilities of the main parties

Clause 1: General provisions and general issues
Clause 2: The employer
Clause 3: The engineer
Clause 4: The contractor
Clause 5: Construction contract – nominated subcontractors
Clause 5: Plant and design-build contract – design

Module 3: Management of projects

Clause 6: Staff and labor
Clause 7: Plant material and workmanship
Clause 8: Commencement delays and suspension
Clause 10: Employer’s taking over; defects liability

Module 4: Tests on completion

Clause 9: Tests on completion
Clause 11: Plant contract – tests after completion

Module 5: Financial clauses and procedures

Clause 12: Construction contract – measurement and evaluation
Clause 13: Variations and adjustments
Clause 14: Contract price and payment

Module 6: Suspension and termination

Clause 15: Termination by employer
Clause 16: Suspension and termination by contractor

Module 7: Risk, liability and force majeure

Clause 17: Risk and responsibility
Clause 18: Liability and insurance
Clause 19: Force majeure

Module 8: Claims, disputes and arbitration

Clause 20: Claims, disputes and arbitration
Inherent project risk
Contractor’s claims and employer’s claims; claims procedures
Amicable settlement
Dispute adjudication board

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