Event Management Professional

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Event Management Professional

This training seminar is a must for any business aiming to include events as part of their Public Relations and Marketing activities. The face to face communication opportunities created by events provides business people with the most powerful of opportunities to influence their colleagues, clients, and investors. Smooth well run events reflect well on any business building its reputation and standing.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 4 days


This training provides a comprehensive grounding in all the basics of event management allowing attendees to organize their events efficiently or more closely manage contractors hosting events for them.

At the end of the seminar, delegates will have an understanding of the theoretical basis for the application of events as part of their PR or Marketing strategy.


Following attendance at the training seminar, you are required to develop a plan for an event (real or theoretical) demonstrating what you have covered in the training course.In particular, the program should include a full rationale for the event, a

In particular, the plan should include a full rationale for the event, a long-term planning schedule, a detailed programme or running order and outline what factors you have taken into consideration as regards key aspects of your event such as venue choice, catering and media involvement etc.

Upon completing the course, participants will be awarded Strategic Axis certificate endorsed by ILM.



Module 1: The Role of Events in a Public Relations or Marketing Strategy

An overview of Public Relations and how events fit in

Events and the PR Transfer Process

Strengths and weaknesses of events as a form of communication

The Six Point PR Plan and its application to event management

Assessing your needs

The importance of clarity of purpose

The importance of the audience

Choosing the event to fit the objective

Budget – staff, time, materials money

Evaluating the event success

A review of the different types of event available

Module 2: Event Planning - The Theory and Practice

Scheduling – the long-term plan

Event running order – timing of an event

Budget control

Managing suppliers

Venue considerations

Suitability for events – support for the message

Size – capacity




Layout for different events – Seating etc

Module 3: Stage Management, Dining and Entertainment, Health and Safety

“Stage management” of the event

Ensuring the event is on message and brand

Welcome desk – set up and management

Sets and staging

Corporate identity on display

Food can be part of the message

Different types of dining for various events and practical implications

Dining protocol – formal dinner, informal eating

Choosing catering suppliers – in-house with venue or external

Entertainment and music at your event

Managing entertainers at events

Staying safe – Risk assessment and events

Addressing risk areas at events

Module 4: Managing the Media at Your Events

Keeping your objectives in mind

Is it a media event – what’s in it for them?

Generating news through an event

Inviting the media – invitations and press releases

The press office – Staffing, setting up and running it

The press pack and gifts

Conducting interviews and briefing interviewees

Managing to film on site

Photography at your event

Involving your in-house media

Module 5: Invitations, VIPs and Bringing it All Together

Getting your audience there

Invitation process for different types of event

Invitation protocols

The importance of RSVP

Working with VIPs


Meet and greet

Hosting and farewell

Follow up

Building an event management team

Event planning exercise involving all elements discussed through the week

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