Establishing Standards for Customer Centric Strategy

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Establishing Standards for Customer Centric Strategy

Customer centricity is the wide-ranging approach that requires businesses and non-commercial government entities to focus all their attention and processes around its clients. Such method has become categorically inevitable for building a successful model to prosper and shine in the today’s modern, competitive and highly dynamic world.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 3 days


To achieve the objectives and principles of customer centricity number of actions must be accomplished including adjustments in the leadership principles, establishing new service standards, following such and readjusting internal communication flows. On top of it, team training with the new vision and approach must be secured. This course provides all the skills and tools to implement all the above changes and adjust with the most efficient approach the available resources to make a company or a government entity to be truly consumer-centric.

The course covers different particular topics of customer centricity standards and the key components to bring your professional knowledge to next level.


Upon completing the course, participants will be awarded Strategic Axis certificate endorsed by ICSA – International Customer Service Association.



Module 1: Standards of Customer in Focus approach

Core Standards of Customer in Focus approach – understanding needs & wants

Overview of Client Centricity – reasons why it established to be so Essential

Identifying Cultural Changes needed to ensure Buyer in Focus strategy

Designing Customer Centric organization to outperform Competition

Making systematic internal company Changes to achieve Service Perfection

The crucial role of HR in establishing and managing Consumer-Centric service teams

Building Client-Centric standards into a Government entity with successive approach

Studying how to leverage Customer-Centric Strategy to Increase Profitability

Module 2: Customer Retention Strategy

Customer Retention Strategy – tips how to improve customer Loyalty and ROI

Understanding the concept and Calculating Consumer Lifetime Value

Best Practices of Customer Centricity for Business and its central characteristics

Importance of getting Client Feedback & how to use It appropriately

Managing and measuring Customer-Centricity as Strategic Management Tool

Choosing the right Benchmarking to evaluate Organizational Improvements

Developing and implementing Buyer Centricity Excellence Model

Best advice and praxis how to use your Strengths to Avoid Implementation Pitfalls

Successful implementation of acquired seminar knowledge in the UAE environment

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