Customer Profiling Techniques & Procedures

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Customer Profiling Techniques & Procedures

The ability to profile your customers has become an essential skill in today’s competitive and customer-oriented business environment. Customer profiling will give your organization the ability to understand your existing customer base better and identify potential new business opportunities.

Customer profiling, coupled with marketing analytics, provides critical customer insight that can help customer service, sales, and marketing professionals increase profitability and customer loyalty. Also, customer profiling information can be pivotal in improving your customer service initiatives.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 3 days


This training course is designed to give delegates the techniques and procedures they require to gain insight into the behavior of their customers. This idea allows for improved customer service, increased call center efficiency, added cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, streamlined sales and marketing processes, reduced costs, and enhanced customer service satisfaction.


Upon completing the course, participants will be awarded Strategic Axis Certificate.



Module 1: Fundamentals of Customer Profiling Techniques and Procedures

What is customer profiling?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Customer Profiling

The history of temperament profiling

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

DISC temperament profiling system

Understanding the four customer temperament styles

Practical exercise: Determining Your Temperament Profile

Module 2: Customer Segmentation, Data Mining and Market Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Benchmarking the best and worst customer service providers

What is Customer Segmentation?

Using segmentation for gaining customer insight and market penetration

Data Mining

Predictive Modeling

Customer Lifecycle Management

Key Account Management strategies

Module 3: Communication and Interpersonal Skills Development

Keeping up with changing communication technology

Body language: How to read a person like a book

Practical exercise: Body Language Quiz

Identifying your customer’s preferred learning style

Active listening skills to improve communication effectiveness

Practical activity: Listening Skills Survey

Questioning abilities to determine a customer’s expectations and service requirements

Tips for giving and receiving constructive feedback

Module 4: Customer Profiling Techniques to Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Breakout session: How to Use ‘Customer Service’ to Build Customer Loyalty

Serving internal and external customers

Customer “touch points.”

Motivating customers with rewards and incentive programmes

Are you a team player?

Teambuilding and leadership exercise

The benefits of measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction

Best practices for creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

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