Customer Experience Endorsed Professional (CEEP)

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Customer Experience Endorsed Professional (CEEP)

Customer Experience means the outcome from the interaction between the company and its clients. The quality of clients’ communication with a company defines the general business image and reputation. Due to its apparent importance Customer Experience has become the critical element that can result from success or failure in the existing business environment.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 3 days


In this course, participants study all the professional insights on the best praxis of Buyer Experience Management. The course covers all the fundamental topics on how to understand the needs and expectations of your consumers, the overall role of Customer Experience along with specific issues such as how to achieve loyalty and happiness and to deliver the outstanding digital experience. It also provides the skills to act in the multicultural global environment. This course is perfect to gain the wide-ranging overview and knowledge of Shopper Experience and all its essential elements.


Upon completing the course, participants will be awarded Strategic Axis certificate endorsed by ICSA – International Customer Service Association.



Module 1: Essentials of Customer Experience

Essentials of Customer Experience and its Impact on different companies

Understanding and meeting your Consumers Needs and Expectations

Role and requirements of Client Experience Management (CEM)

Exposing the reasons and consequences of Consumers Behaviour Changes

Right designing of Client Experience determined by type of Business

McKinsey method of Client Experience Measurement Pyramid

Defining and setting Professional CX benchmark for your company

Module 2: Improving Customer Journey

Improving Customer Journey to achieve the excellent Customer Experience

Programs of Happiness and positive attitude Worldwide and in the UAE

Consumers Happiness initiative in Private and Government sectors

Predicting the future of Digital CX and Smart Technologies

Central principles of providing the Excellent Multicultural CX

Setting high Standards of Buyer Experience for Modern Business

Competent evaluation of our company CX from Client point of View

Guide on the Efficient Methods to Deliver Unforgettable CX

Analysing Business Cases and best Praxis of International Companies

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