Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional

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Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional

Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional course will help improve long-term organizational performance through the use of strategic planning tools.

Participants will explore the framework that provides the foundation for a successful business strategy, focusing on the main components of a strategy and practicing the development of an effective strategic plan.

By acknowledging the factors and implications involved in designing a strategy, participants can develop and execute smarter and quicker strategic decisions.Clear strategic thinking should form the support of every business decision.

The course will also provide insights into the fundamental principles and methods for communicating strategy across the organization.

3 Key Business benefits

*Gain competitive advantage by understanding the business context in which strategic planning is used;

*Attain the desired state of organizational evolution by developing a strategic plan and receive guidance on how to implement it;

*Ensure excellent strategy implementation by accessing and using rigorous strategic planning tools.

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  • COURSE TYPE Advanced
  • DURATION 3 days


Learning Outcomes

Get a deeper understanding of the connections between organizational strategy and the business environment;

Improve the way you communicate your strategy by discovering relevant internal and external communication tools;

Attain a standardized approach to developing and implementing an organizational and departmental strategy in a successful manner;

Access an innovative learning experience based on a 3 stage educational process;

Obtain a premium recognition as a Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional by completing a unique international learning program.

Course Takeaways

Comprehend fundamentals of the strategic planning process;

Use the right tools to scan the external and internal organizational environment;

Understand the steps in designing an organizational and departmental strategy;

Learn how to set clear strategic objectives;

Understand key areas in business planning such as production, talent, financial resources, and marketing.


Exam Information

The Certification Exam Is Provided Online on the 10th Of Each Month.

The exam has a total of 100 available points, 80 of which can be earned from the multiple choice or true/false questions that are worth 1 point each, and 20 of which can be earned from 2 short answer questions that are worth 10 points each.

You will have 2 hours to complete the exam.



Module 1: Impact, mission, values

Impact statement;

Mission statement;

The concept of values and their usefulness.

Module 2: Business model and value drivers

The role and structure of a business model;

The meaning of value drivers;

The link between value drivers and company’s strategy.

Module 3: Internal capabilities and SWOTM analysis

Internal capabilities’ roles;

The link between internal capabilities;

SWOTM Analysis.

Module 4: Vision and goals

The difference between vision and mission;

Vision statement;

The link between company’s goals and vision

Module 5: PESTEL Analysis

External macro-environment;

PESTEL Analysis;

Early warning systems, events, and mini-trends.

Module 6: Porter 5 Forces Model

External micro-environment;

The connection between macro and micro environment;

Porter 5 Forces Model.

Module 7: SWOT analysis & scenario planning

The connection between external and internal analysis and company’s strategy;

SWOT analysis;

Scenario planning tool.

Module 8: Competitive strategies

The concept of competitive strategies;

Types of competitive strategies;

Role of competitive strategies.

Module 9: Growth strategies

The concept of growth strategies;

Types of growth strategies;

Role of growth strategies.

Module 10: Objectives and KPIs

Objectives’ formulation;

Objectives – the link between goals, environment and value drivers;

KPI selecion and documentation.

Module 11: Portfolio of initiatives and action plan




Module 12: Strategy visualization and alignment

Strategy visualization tools;

Strategy alignment across all levels of the organization;

Performance management toolkit.

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