Certified Sales Professional (CSP)

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Certified Sales Professional (CSP)

Certified Sales Professional – The Mark of Excellence in Professional Sales.

For over 20 years, Certified Sales Professionals (CSP) have represented the gold standard in sales, demonstrating a commitment to excellence that opens the door to better career opportunities and higher earning potential.

CSPs know what top performers know, and have the skills and follow-through to get consistently good results. A professional designation marks their commitment to being the best.

The Certified Sales Professional (CSP) program gives a thorough understanding of consultative selling. From business creation to improved time and territory management; goal-setting to prospecting, and everything in between, attendees return to the territory with a renewed enthusiasm for selling.

This ISMM endorsed course is perfectly positioned for those starting a career in sales.

It is also of great benefit to experienced sales professionals who would like to refresh their selling skills and techniques with the latest developments in this vibrant field, and to other professionals keen on understanding the sales function in general.

While this course focuses on providing participants with core knowledge about sales as a function and as a process, it will also give them an in-depth understanding of self-management, the art of prospecting, opportunity planning, and resource allocation.

Besides, participants will acquire several skills related to negotiating deals, overcoming obstacles, resolving customer issues and closing sales.

Certified Sales Professional program goes beyond the technicalities of making a sale and goes deep into the psychology behind it.

If there is one key to this powerful program, it’s the principle of consistency and commitment. Science has shown that the unconscious mind works tirelessly to make real whatever it has been programmed to do. It uses habits – or automatic actions — to execute its game plan.

This course is accredited by ISM UK.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 4 days


The ‘Sales Professional Certificate’ course is highly interactive.

Participants will enjoy working with business cases extracted from real life situations taking them from understanding the situation to finding a solution.

The course leverages role-play techniques where participants work and present scenarios related to deal negotiation, building relationships or problem resolution. Such role plays foster confidence, analytical thinking, and teamwork.

This program is uniquely designed to transform you into a master influencer in sales so that you can:

Cultivate the sales habits of top Fortune 500 executives

Discover how to create and use powerful “personal identity” to amplify your multitude of strengths

Develop lasting behaviors that will make you a standout professional

Master the new social and emotional world of sales

Take your place as a master communicator and influencer with the ability to influence any situation

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Identify the right professional selling behaviors and skills needed to maximize sales performance

Develop the proper personal habits to optimize selling effectiveness

Apply the different steps of the sales process and identify the need for each step

Analyze and apply  the principles of successful negotiations and handling objections

Recognize the basics of customer relationships management and influencing outcomes


Participants who fully attend this course and complete the test on the last day will receive a Strategic Axis Professional Certificate (SAPC). SAPC certificates are regionally recognized and can be quite valuable when applying for more senior roles within the organization or outside.

Strategic Axis is a recognized center and an endorsed training partner for the Institute of Sales Management (ISM*).

This endorsement is a badge of recognition for the high-quality sales and marketing training courses offered by us.



Module 1: The changing business environment

The evolution of personal selling






The new sales competencies

Behaviors, characteristics, and skills of a successful salesperson

Assessing performance according to specific sales indicators

The ten causes of sales problems

Personal selling profile

Module 2: Preparation and self-organization

Personal management


Personal planning


Personal image

Time management for salespeople

Understanding the psychology of selling

Developing strategies for sales success

Module 3: Sales Process for Sales Success

The Sales Cycle

Sales Person Characteristics

The Consumer Behavior

Prospecting and qualifying



Presentation and demonstration

Overcoming objections


Follow up and maintenance

Product selling versus service selling

A glimpse into different selling models

Creating the Database

Cold Calling Techniques

Who is the Decision, Maker?

Learn How to Build Rapport

Module 4: Business negotiations skills

Principles of successful negotiations



Trading concessions

The six elements of successful sales negotiations

The power of questioning and probing

The BATNA principle

Establishing ranges and understanding the limits

Module 5: Managing the customer relationship

Basics of building customer relationships

Five rules for successful relationships

The essence of attitude in relationship building

The art of sales communications

Influencing sales outcomes

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