Certified Operational Risk Professional

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Certified Operational Risk Professional

Much is written about the theory of managing and measuring Operational Risk.

This course focuses on the practical aspects of delivering robust, sustainable and value-adding Operational Risk management processes into a business. Participants will learn how Operational Risk Frameworks are constructed, how to identify, measure, monitor and manage Operational Risks.

Operational risk modeling helps in measuring, monitoring and mitigating the risk of direct or indirect loss caused by inadequate or failed internal process.

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  • DURATION 4 Days


Operational Risk is defined broadly and as a causal risk – the risk of loss due to failures in people, processes, systems or external events.

You will learn how to construct Operational Risk Appetite statements and support them with Key Risk Indicator frameworks and how to develop Scenarios for analysis and development of Operational Risk capital.

Also, Participants will learn how to construct meaningful Operational Risk reports that will support better decision- making in their company.


Successful candidates will be better prepared to implement meaningful risk assessment initiatives, produce useful risk management information and understand basic modeling techniques for operational risk measurement.

Participants who fully attend this course and complete the test on the last day will receive a Strategic Axis Professional Certificate (SAPC).

SAPC certificates are regionally recognized and can be quite valuable when applying for more senior roles within the organization or outside.

Along with SAPC certificates, participants could receive IABFM International Academy of Business and Financial Management certificates based on the successful pass of exam.



Module 1: Introduction To Risk Management

Understand the environment of risk

Components of risk management

Benefits of risk management

Strategy setting and management

Module 2: Operational Risk Management – Defined And Verified

Operational risk Management defined

Linkages and consistencies

Benefits of Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management as a tool for the Management of risk

Module 3: The Risk Environment

Issues In Operational Risk Quantitative Versus Qualitative Usage Types Of Risk Faced By Organisations Credit



Importance of culture


Strategic Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management and Operational Risk Management

Module 4: Basel II – the New Accord

Core principles

Concentration principles

Measurement methodologies

Capital allocation

The three pillars

Operating framework models

Module 5: Directions Of Operational Risk Management

Enterprise-Wide Operational Risk Applications

Waterfall Effect Basel II Awareness

Culture And Application Drivers

Planning The Application of Governance

Market Risk Applications

Risk, reward, and regret

Data collection and decision making

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