Certified Manager Quality & Organizational Excellence

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Certified Manager Quality & Organizational Excellence

The Certified Manager Quality and Organizational Excellence is a professional who leads and champions process-improvement initiatives – everywhere from small businesses to multinational corporations – that can have regional or global focus in a variety of service and industrial settings.

A Certified Manager Quality and Organizational Excellence facilitates and leads team efforts to establish and monitor customer/supplier relations, supports strategic planning and deployment initiatives, and helps develop measurement systems to determine organizational improvement.

The Certified Manager Quality and Organizational Excellence should be able to motivate and evaluate staff, manage projects and human resources, analyze financial situations, determine and evaluate risk, and employ knowledge management tools and techniques in resolving organizational challenges.

The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence evolved from the certified quality manager as a way to broaden the scope of the examination. The Quality Management Division surveyed accredited quality managers and other recognized subject matter experts.

A successful company is one that has the ability to generate superior products in a more efficient manner, constantly strives to meet customer service goals, and has processes to reduce waste and minimize losses. In order to accomplish these, organizations hire professionals who are quality management experts.

These CMQs (Certified Manager of Quality) have the expertise and training to bring about process improvement initiatives everywhere, from small businesses to multinational corporations and are able to lead teams to establish and maintain customer relationships, support strategic planning and help develop measurement systems to determine organizational improvement.

Become the quality expert for your organization. The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) professional is ready to make the right quality-related decisions at any level of the organization.

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  • DURATION 5 Days
  • COURSE ACCREDITED BY local certificate


Strategic Axis course on Certified Manager of Quality/Operational Excellence is an excellent course that will help participants prepare for the CMQ/OE credential and also learn the tools of the trade to successfully implement quality procedures for organizational benefits. Comprehensible courseware, expert guidance, and practical, hands-on exercises will help participants aim for a first-time pass of the exam and also face on-the-job challenges with confidence.

Participants will learn:

*Learn and implement the concepts outlined in the Body of knowledge (BOK)

*Learn to apply the standards and procedures that will help improve organizational processes for better quality outcomes

*Motivate and lead teams to ensure satisfactory customer/supplier relations, strategic planning, and organizational improvements

*Help team members take the right quality initiatives

*Learn to analyze financial situations, evaluate and pre-empt risks, and successfully bring about change management

*Learn to apply quality management processes in planning and executing projects

*Learn to use various metrics, tools, and techniques to measure quality



There is no prerequisite to undertake the training. To appear for the exam, you must have the following:

Education and Experience :

Work experience must be in a full time, paid role. Paid intern, co-op or any other coursework cannot be applied towards the work experience requirement.

Depending on your educational qualification, you must have the following number of years of on-the-job experience in one or more of the areas of the Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Body of Knowledge. Candidates who do not have the requisite educational qualification must have 10 years of work experience.

Diploma—9 Years

Associate degree—8 Years

Bachelor’s degree—6 Years

Master’s or doctorate—5 Years

A minimum of five years of this experience must be in a decision-making position, defined as the authority to determine, execute or control projects/processes and to be responsible for the outcome. This may or may not include management or supervisory positions.


Each certification candidate is required to pass an exam that consists of multiple-choice questions.

Computer-Delivered – The CMQ/OE examination is a two-part, 165- multiple choice question, four-and-a-half-hour exam and is offered in English only. 150 questions are scored and 15 are unscored. There are two constructed response (essay) questions.

Paper and Pencil – The CMQ/OE examination are a two-part, 150- multiple choice question and two constructed response (essay) questions, four-hour exam and is offered in English only.

All examinations are an open book except the constructed response (essay) portion of the CMQ/OE exam.



Module 1: Organizational leadership, teams strategy development and deployment

Organizational Structures

Leadership Challenges

Teams and Team Processes

ASQ Code of Ethics

Leadership styles

Teams and team building techniques

Change management

Module 2: Strategic plan development and deployment

Strategic Planning Models

Business Environment Analysis

Strategic Plan Deployment

Strategic Plan Deployment

Organizational Performance Measurement

Module 3: Management elements and methods

Management Skills and Abilities

Communication Skills and Abilities

Project Management

Quality System

Quality Models and Theories

Principles of management

Management theories, styles, and tools

Human resources management

Financial management

Risk management

Communication skills and abilities

Project management

Project documentation

Quality system

ISO and other third party standards

Different quality methodologies

Quality philosophies

Module 4: Quality and process management tools

Problem-Solving Tools

Process Management

Measurement: Assessment and Metrics

The seven classic quality tools

Mapping the process

Analyzing the process

Innovation and creativity tools

Lean tools

Theory of Constraints (TOC)

Basic statistical use

Statistical analysis

Process capability

Qualitative assessment

Module 5: Customer focused organizations

Customer identification and segmentation

Internal and external customers

Customer needs and voice of the customer

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Basic customer service principles

Customer Relationship Management

Module 6: Supply chain management

Supplier selection and communications

Supplier performance and improvement

Supplier certification, partnership and alliances

Supplier Logistics and Material Acceptance

Module 7: Training and development

Training needs analysis and plans

Training material design and delivery

Training effectiveness and evaluation

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  • Live, Online

  • Private Team Training

  • Indiviual Private Session

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