HR and Manpower Planning

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Certified KPI Professional Free
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Certified KPI Professional

September 20, 2018 / No Comments

Certified KPI Professional. Selection and data gathering is considered by practitioners all around the world to be the most challenging aspects of working with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A way to address these challenges is to build a sound framework to measure KPIs, starting from the moment they are selected, until results collected, and centralized…

Advanced Human Resource Management Free
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Advanced Human Resource Management

September 8, 2018 / No Comments

Advanced Human Resource Management – Effective management of Human Resource (HR) is considered a distinguishing characteristic of successful organizations. In such organizations, the HR function has moved beyond its traditional role to occupy a strategic position. HR fulfills its new role by actively focusing itself on the organization’s direction. The value was adding, and innovative…

Attitude Skills for Success at Work and Life Free
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Attitude Skills for Success at Work and Life

July 30, 2018 / No Comments

Attitude Skills for Success at Work and Life – Taking responsibility for your attitude is the first step to success. Learn thinking processes that maximize your ability to succeed. Unique workshop teaches you how to Develop and Apply Positive Attitudes for Success. Your Attitude is showing! This unique workshop teaches participants how to develop a positive attitude for…

Managing Different Personalities Free
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Managing Different Personalities

July 30, 2018 / No Comments

Managing Different Personalities – Learn how to keep your composure and avoid escalating the problems when interacting with unreasonable people. Understanding the people on our team is a huge part of our job. As human beings are complex organisms, people cannot be wholly labeled in this way. The real benefit comes when we observe and identify particular…

Competency Based Interview Training Free
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Competency Based Interview Training

July 12, 2018 / No Comments

Competency Based Interview – From specification through to induction – learn how to design and use skills. Reduce staff turnover and select high performers for your team. Using the Competency Based Interviewing technique within your selection interviews will help you identify those that will perform well within your organization. The goal of any selection interview is…

HR Skills for Non-HR Professionals Free
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HR Skills for Non-HR Professionals

July 1, 2018 / No Comments

HR Skills for Non-HR Professionals course designed for Line Managers to them to manage their staff better by equipping them with critical HR skills. If you had 10USD for every time you heard the phrase, “people are our most important asset”… you’d be a billionaire by now! And although this phrase is very easily and…

Employee Disciplinary Procedures Free
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Employee Disciplinary Procedures

June 18, 2018 / No Comments

Employee Disciplinary Procedures – Every business needs to have managers who can handle disciplinary issues in the workplace effectively. The law requires employers to act reasonably in their discipline of employees and in dealing with grievances. Poorly handled processes can lead to unnecessary and costly Employment Tribunals. Having adequate and complaint procedures in place can encourage…

Performance Management Free
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Performance Management

May 21, 2018 / No Comments

Performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organization. More than just an annual performance review, performance management is the continuous process of setting objectives, assessing progress and providing on-going coaching and feedback to ensure that employees…

Delegation Skills Free
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Delegation Skills

April 29, 2018 / No Comments

Delegation Skills – Using the Power of Other People’s Help Do you feel stressed and overloaded? Or that your career seems stalled? If so, then you may need to brush up your delegation skills! One of the most common ways of overcoming these limitations is to learn how to delegate your work to other people….

Motivational Skills Free
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Motivational Skills

April 29, 2018 / No Comments

Motivational Skills – Discover Key Factors for Building a Motivated Team. Managers everywhere want teams that are effective, focused and committed to organizational goals. With a team like this, think of the performance and results you could deliver! Teams only perform like this if their managers are motivating them effectively. This is why you need…

HR Generalist Training Free
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HR Generalist Training

April 18, 2018 / No Comments

HR Generalist Training A Human Resources Generalist is a key person within the human resources function of an organization. Principally, the HR Generalist is responsible for the day-to-day management of HR operations, which means that they manage the administration of the policies, procedures, and programmes of the organization. Becoming an HR Professional is a difficult task.  Our Training is designed for the employee just…

HR Analytics Training Free
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HR Analytics Training

April 14, 2018 / No Comments

HR Analytics Training Course – Gain a deeper understanding of your workforce and improve the quality and credibility of HR organizational insight and decision-making, with this course. The course prepares you to lead an HR Analytics function in your company successfully. HR leaders help drive business performance by delivering competitive advantage through people. Performance relies on…