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Reasons To Start a Business Analyst Career

Are you exploring a career in business analysis? Do you wonder if the career is a good fit for your interests and experience? Would you like to know if pursuing a career as a business analyst is worth it to you?

In what follows, we’ll walk you through main reasons a career in the business analysis could be a good fit for your skills, experiences, and qualifications.

Is it because it is a relatively ‘low stress’ but seen to be a good job?

With “low stress” the intention is here to highlight the fact that although there are times where the Business Analyst has to deliver under tight deadlines, it is not necessarily always the case. In many instances, the Business Analyst’s workload varies from being busy to being a bit on the slow side. This is because most Business Analysts are part of project teams and all project work is cyclical. Sometimes there are many deadlines and lots of pressure on the project and other times it is extremely relaxed and slow paced. The other reason why people might view the role of the Business Analyst as “low stress” in general is that although you are responsible for delivering your part of the deliverables for the project, you are not the one accountable for the overall success or failure of the project.

Is it because it pays well?

Now Business Analysts are not necessarily paid extremely well, however, considering what is expected of the Business Analyst and the cyclical nature of their work, it can be seen as a relatively well-paid job for what it is. This point is very relative and may mean more to people who are earning low salaries and want to move to Business Analysis because they could potentially make more than for people who are already earning a good salary in their current roles. Nevertheless, the Business Analysis salary level may be a reason why people want to become Business Analysts.

Is it because the profession of Business Analysis is getting better known and now everyone wants to be a Business Analyst?

The profession of Business Analysis has definitely become higher profile and more visible in the market as a professional career option. The role has been defined more, and individuals and companies are starting to grasp the role of the Business Analyst and what this means. This must have a bearing on why people might want to become Business Analysts. They now know of the role of the Business Analyst and can, therefore, assess it as a potential career for them.

Is it because there are a lot of Business Analysis jobs available in the market?

The fact that the role of the Business Analyst is better understood in the market place, it also has a direct effect on companies recognizing the need for having the skills of Business Analysts in their enterprises. This, in turn, creates a lot of Business Analysis jobs out there and hence attracts more people looking for jobs.

Is it because it looks like a relatively easy way to get a good corporate job?

Today it is still possible for many different types of professionals to change their careers and become Business Analysts. It could simply be that people like the idea of becoming something different to what they have been doing (perhaps they are bored with doing the same role for many years, or perhaps they lost their specialist jobs and can’t find a good replacement in their field) and considers Business Analysis because it appears to be one of few careers that someone can transition into without a huge academic investment.

Is it because it is exciting and challenging?

The role of a Business Analyst is interesting and challenging at the same time because of the variety of industries, and business problem challenges that it covers. This could be a huge attraction to this profession because intelligent people are always searching for their next challenge in their careers. Business Analysis offers a unique type of role which keeps the incumbent as interested and as challenged as they dare to be.

Is it because people think it is a stepping stone to something different?

Now this reason to become a Business Analyst could be a tricky and slightly controversial one, but it has been said that people use becoming Business Analysts to enter the corporate market to lead them on to bigger and more hierarchical roles in the organization. This reason could be valid but only in as far as it would be valid for any role that offers an entry level into the corporate world.


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