UAE Labour and Employment Law

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UAE Labour and Employment Law

UAE Labor Law. Be Up-To-Date With The UAE Labour Law That Impacts Your Business. Understand the fundamentals of labor law in the UAE and avoid non-compliance.

This course will provide a recap of the UAE labor law for attendees to gain a better understanding of current practices in the region. It will also offer an update on the regulatory trends and an insight into how to address issues that often arise in the employment context in the new economic landscape.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to understand the impact of employment law at the start of the employment relationship, recognize the primary rights that the employee has during the employment relationship, identify the issues to address at the termination of the employment relationship.

This course is suitable for everyone in HR or the business looking to gain a better understanding of the laws governing employment in the United Arab Emirates.

On This Course, You Will:
• Understand fundamental principles of the labor laws of the UAE and the regulatory and enforcement trends at the Ministry of Labour
• Manage the legal requirements organizations must fulfill salaries, end of service gratuity, and other benefits
• Comprehend employment disputes and the dispute resolution process from the Ministry of Labour through the local courts
• Adhere to the labor law when recruiting, and learn how to handle downsizing and redundancies
• Identify the individual considerations involving terminations/ dismissals of senior professionals, including severance pay and protecting confidential company data

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 2 days


The 2-day-day interactive course will walk you through the legal landscape of employing people in the United Arab Emirates from recruitment to termination. It will prepare HR practitioners to successfully handle everyday labour law issues which arise across the Emirates. Participants will also get to hear about CIPD’s latest thinking in ethical HR and going beyond legal compliance. This is a very interactive workshop with some real-life case studies, mock trials and a live labour-law clinic with employment lawyers to answer all of your legal questions.



Participants who fully attend this course and complete the test on the last day will receive a Strategic Axis Professional Certificate (SAPC). SAPC certificates are regionally recognized and can be quite valuable when applying for more senior roles within the organization or outside.

Additionally, all participants will receive certificates from KHDA –  Knowledge and Human Development Authority.



Module 1: Introduction to Ethical HR Practice

Introduction to the UAE legal system

Overview and review of critical statutory enactments and the sponsorship system of the UAE labor law

Who is covered by the labor law? Who is not included?

Free zones vs. mainland


UAE Nationals

Holding employee passports

Module 2: Recruitment and Employment Contracts

Immigration and sponsorship

Visas for working in the UAE

Offer letters and employment contracts

Fixed vs. unlimited agreements

Background checks and Recruitment Issues

Emiratisation and employing nationals

Employment contracts
– International contracts
– Local contracts

Fixed term vs. unfixed term contracts

Temporary workers

Verifying status and credentials; background checks

Revocation of offers or deals

The interplay between employment status and visa status for recruits

Working on a visit visa

Visa transfer

Module 3: Operating the UAE as a Regional Hub

Dual residency and dual employment

Payroll issues


Unique issues for foreign countries: the interplay between local law and home-country law


Data protection

Special points for cross-border employees
– Can an individual hold a residence visa from more than one GCC state?
– Whose labor law applies?

Emiratisation and the recruitment of host country national employees

Module 4: Employee Benefits

Salary and allowances

Tax and VAT

End of service gratuity

Pension/ social security

Working hours, overtime and the 5-day work week

Leave entitlements

Holiday leave and air tickets

Sick leave

Maternity leave

Emergency leave and other types leave

Handling employee benefits issues during a merger/acquisition

Identifying another benefit restructuring

Module 5: Health and Safety Obligations

Private Medical Insurance

Accidents and workman’s compensation

Accidental death

Reporting processes

Medical facilities

Module 6: Termination and Employee Resignation

Termination process and permitted reasons for termination

Termination “for cause” and the disciplinary process

Poor performance and misconduct

Restructuring and redundancy

Recovering costs from employees

Arbitrary termination – what constitutes arbitrary dismissal?

Termination after sick leave or maternity leave

Terminating UAE national employees

Notice periods and garden leave

Employee entitlements upon termination

The six-month ban and the one-year ban

Special issues regarding the termination of UAE national employees

Notice periods and garden leave

Employee entitlements upon termination

Module 7: Employment Disputes

Initiated by the employer

Initiated by the employee

The Ministry of Labour process

Labour and employment disputes in the local courts

Protecting employer data and confidential information

Non-compete, confidentiality, non-solicitation clauses

Mock labor tribunal and clinic

The interplay between employment status and visa status for terminated employees

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