Professional Facility Management

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Professional Facility Management

Professional Facility Management defined by The British Standards Institution as: “The integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities.”

Facilities managers have, therefore, responsibilities for providing, maintaining, and developing many services.

These range from property strategy, space management, and communications infrastructure to building maintenance, administration, and contract management.

Facilities management includes space, support, people, and organization.

Professional Facility Management course designed to develop delegate skills in managing facility staff and corporate assets while minimizing risk exposure in the workplace.

As the Facilities Management (FM) function continues to evolve, this training course offers the latest thinking in the profession, the right balance between asset performance (functionality, availability, reliability, safety), and will tackle specific issues encountered on the ground and apply best practices in discussing real solutions.

Attendees will gain valuable insight into the critical areas of FM, including strategy, governance; risk; finance; asset and maintenance management; service delivery (hard, soft, and corporate services); and contract management.

Also, delegates will learn the procedures to prepare a service charge budget. They will also familiarise themselves with government requirements and understand when joint-owned property laws apply. The importance of capital expenditures and reserve fund studies will become a point of focus for attendees.

Practical application will be the key driver and motivation for this Professional Facility Management course. Delegates should be prepared for stimulating discussion and detailed analysis.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that credentials help facility managers differentiate themselves, earn higher salaries, advance in their careers, and prove the value they bring to a business.

By completing one of our internationally recognized, regulated qualifications in facilities management, you can progress on our professional development pathway and build the career you want.

You might be interested in Operations Management programs as a next step.

This course will help you to prepare to pass an international exam.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 5 Days
  • COURSE ACCREDITED BY International Credentials


The Professional Facility Management program consists of four modules providing a robust platform for you to enhance and demonstrate your FM knowledge. Each session includes classroom instruction, comprehensive print materials that may be used as a constant desk reference, and required online exams. Earning the Professional Facility Management qualification will help you prepare for expanded leadership roles in your organization.

With the help of our expert instructors and the comprehensive print materials, you will explore the topics deemed critical by employers and practitioners worldwide. Take any of the courses as a refresher or to gain knowledge in that competency area.


The Facility Management Professional is a knowledge-based credential, which means you need to pass an online exam for each course to earn the FMP.

There is no prerequisite experience and education requirements for enrolling in the program. However, some working knowledge of the industry is recommended.

Exam Information

  • Understand the pivotal role of Facilities Management (FM) in building and operations management, customer service, and the long-term value of a property asset
  • Explore the software systems available in the marketplace for control of the facilities
  • Discuss best market practices and how to document third party contracts successfully
  • Investigate the importance of reserve funds and building condition reports
  • Discover the risks and pitfalls in managing facilities, and how to minimize them and protect your company



Module 1: Operations and Maintenance

  • Introduction to Operations and Maintenance
  • Assess Facility Needs
  • Manage/Oversee Operations and Maintenance of Building, Systems, and Equipment
  • Manage/Oversee Occupant Services
  • Select the Best Resources
  • Measure and Optimize Operations and Maintenance Performance

Module 2: Project Management

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Define Projects
  • Plan Projects
  • Manage and Oversee Projects
  • Close Projects

Module 3: Finance and Business

  • Finance and Business in the Facility Organization
  • Financial Management of the Facility Organization
  • Procurement in the Facility Organization
  • Contracts in the Facility Organization

Module 4: Leadership and Strategy

  • Plan Strategically
  • Lead and Manage the Facility Organization
  • Provide Leadership to the Entire Organization
  • In The Classroom

  • Live, Online

  • Private Team Training

  • Indiviual Private Session

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