Oracle Primavera P6 Training

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Oracle Primavera P6 Training

Oracle Primavera P6 Training. Enrolling in this course will help you understand P6 Professional’s essential features and functionality so you can apply them to your organization’s project management processes. You’ll also learn how to manage projects on time and within budget to ensure optimal outcomes from capital and resource investments.

This training course covers the fundamentals of Primavera P6 Professional as used in engineering and construction. For complete beginners to intermediate Primavera P6 schedulers; this course teaches you everything you need to know to create, manage and report on a project schedule.

Strategic Axis training class allows attendees to focus on the real world application of Primavera. It explores the different methods of analysis, risk analysis process, and scheduling concepts.

Our Oracle Primavera class is designed to allow users and management to be pro-active in understanding the progress of the project relating to money and communication.

At Strategic Axis, we understand the time pressures routinely faced by project teams. Taking a full week out of the office to learn new software systems can be challenging when real projects are bidding for your attention.

This is why Strategic Axis has developed highly-streamlined Primavera P6 training classes that get to the point quickly and effectively. All of our courses follow a fast-track principle providing the knowledge you need in less time than the “vanilla” courses offered by our competitors.

Primavera P6 is a sophisticated system with vast capabilities. We won’t teach you everything it can do; we teach you everything you need to know. That’s the Strategic Axis difference!

Strategic Axis Primavera P6 training courses are thorough and succinct; structured to maximize learning by adopting an approach of explanation, demonstration and practice teaching. Whether you’re a visual, auditory or tactile learner, each topic is presented using techniques that are synchronous with your particular learning style.

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This is official Oracle course.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 3 Days


The instructor will explain the context of the lesson, followed by a demonstration of the tool. Each topic is then reinforced with hands-on exercises to develop your skills and experience. You will be challenged to solve problems using your own initiative. These are important skills to develop in any learning situation.

You will learn the navigation of Primavera P6 and then build a project from the ground up. You will understand how to analyze the project, its critical path and resources, and how to update the project’s status as it begins to progress. In short, you will leave the classroom with everything you need to know to manage a project from beginning to end.

With any practical subject, the real learning begins once the class is over. Strategic Axis training courses prepare you for the likely situations you will meet upon getting back to your desk. You also leave the class with a top quality training manual that will make excellent reference material to support your continued growth in Primavera P6.



Students will receive Strategic Axis professional certificate.



Module 1: Introduction & Learning Objectives

The Project Management Life-cycle

Initiating Process Group

Planning Process Group

Executing Process Group

Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

Closing Process Group

Module 2: Getting to know Primavera P6 Professional

P6 user interface and navigation

Customizing the P6 views and layouts

Understanding the purpose of the Enterprise Project Structure

Modifying the Enterprise Project Structure

Module 3: Project Creation

Creating a new project

Understanding the project status options

Modifying project settings

Creating and using project codes

Creating a Reflection Project

Merging Changes

Module 4: The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Preparation of a best-practice WBS

Creating a WBS in P6

Modifying the WBS elements

Creating the WBS Hierarchy

Module 5: Adding Activities

Activities and their attributes

Activity types and their importance in building a schedule

Creating new activities

Creating and assigning activity codes

Adding a Notebook Topic

Adding Steps to an Activity

Module 6: Relationships and Constraints

Relationship types in P6

Creating relationships

Understanding the forward and backward pass and Critical Path Method (CPM)

Applying constraints to activities

Adjusting the duration and finish date of your project

Applying an Overall Deadline to a Project

Module 7: Formatting Project Data

Modifying the grouping of project data

Sorting data in a table

Using filters to control the data displayed

Changing the appearance of the Gantt chart

Modifying Timescales

Performing a Forward and Backward Pass

Describing Float

Grouping Activities



Module 8: Resources & Costs

Creating resources

Pricing resources

Assigning resources to activities

Working with the Resource Usage Profile and analyzing resource assignments

Analysis overview

Analyzing resource availability

Mitigating resource overloads

Adjusting Budgeted Units/Time

Assigning Roles to an Activity

Assign Rates on Roles

Module 9: P6 Baselines

Understanding the principles of Baselining P6 project schedules

Creating and assigning baselines

Displaying baseline data in the Table and Gantt chart

Understanding variance

Creating a Baseline Plan

Display Baseline Bars on the Gantt Chart

Module 10: Progressing the Project

Understanding the P6 data date

Updating activity progress information, actual times, and costs

Using the Progress Spotlight feature

Updating the project using the schedule feature

Correcting issues in the schedule using Reflections for What-if analysis

Describing Methods for Updating the Schedule

Using Progress Spotlight

Statusing Activities

Rescheduling the Project

Module 11: Reporting

Running reports from a layout

Creating and running reports using the reporting wizard

Modifying existing reports

Running a Schedule Report

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