Competency Based Interview Training

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Competency Based Interview Training

Competency Based Interview – From specification through to induction – learn how to design and use skills.

Reduce staff turnover and select high performers for your team. Using the Competency Based Interviewing technique within your selection interviews will help you identify those that will perform well within your organization.

The goal of any selection interview is to learn enough about a candidate to be able to predict future-on-the-job performance and behavior. That information can then be used to make an informed hiring decision or recommendation.

All great business leaders agree on one thing – that an organization’s greatest asset is its people. Most leaders take a very unscientific approach to talent acquisition. This course will explore how you can make the risk out of hiring, by adopting the idea that past behavior is a brilliant indicator of future performance.

Too often organizations hire incorrectly. They base their hiring upon trying to employ a mirror image of the previous incumbent or on a job description that is out of date or hopelessly ineffective. Active recruitment begins by identifying the qualities of individuals most likely to succeed in the organization and by defining the results that you require from the role. Attitudes and behaviors are critical.

Competency-based recruitment provides a roadmap and a clear guide to finding the right candidates for your roles. Used by some of the world’s most significant organizations, competency-based recruitment will revolutionize the way you hire.

The competency-based behavioral interviewing training uses “competencies” to describe behavioral qualities.

Examples include analytical, problem solver, team player and customer-oriented. Behavioral competencies should be used to describe job requirements (“must be articulate, adaptable, committed,” and so on) before the interview as well as to evaluate candidates after an interview.

When competency-based behavioral interviewing training forms the framework for the entire hiring system, interviewers can make much more effective hiring decisions.

This is an official HRCI course.

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  • COURSE TYPE Practitioner
  • DURATION 3 days


In this workshop, we will address the importance of preparing a list of required competencies, the scenarios that can reveal whether the candidate has these competencies, as well as how to rate them.

Participants will practice the pre-interview preparation, developing questions and their value, the interview techniques that get specific, behavior-based examples of past performance, and the strategies that follow through from this process.

Benefits of Attending

How to identify the qualities and characteristics of individuals most likely to succeed in your organization

How to put together a brilliant job description that is relevant, succinct and a blueprint for hiring great people

How to develop a competency framework that will provide a clear guide to finding the right people

Appropriate selection techniques to identify and verify that the candidates have the right competencies

How to conduct competency-based interviewing to design a faultless interview structure and become an expert interviewer



At the end of the course, there will be a multiple-choice exam of straight-forward questions based upon the content covered during the session.

A pass mark of 50%, in addition to a perfect attendance record and active participation during the course sessions, is required to be awarded the Certificate of Completion from Strategic Axis.

This course is also approved for HRCI recertification credits.



Module 1: Talent

Why talent is important

Global talent trends

Case studies – Good vs. great companies

This session will explore what McKinsey calls “The War for Talent.” We learn why all organisations must adopt a “talent culture” if they wish to succeed. We explore one of the fundamental reasons why companies move from “good to great.”

Module 2: Recruitment

The importance of getting recruitment right

The recruitment process

The common mistakes in hiring

The problem with recruitment

We look at typical ways that companies hire and the most common mistakes in hiring (and how to avoid those mistakes). We explore the standard recruitment process and the critical control points.

Module 3: Competency Frameworks

What is a competency framework?

An in-depth look at defining role responsibilities and organizational behaviors. We will look at how competency frameworks provide clarification around the skills, knowledge, abilities, attributes, experience, personality traits and motivators required for a role

Module 5: Foundations – Getting It Right From The Start

Too often we begin from the wrong place in recruitment. In this part of the course, we explore the reasons for recruiting and look at the result and the problems we are trying to solve.

Module 6: Creating A Brilliant Brief And Job Description With Competencies At The Core

The brief is the most important part of a job role but sadly, it is often neglected. Here, we will look at the roles you typically try and recruit for and deconstruct the brief.

Module 7: First Exploration Of Typical Competencies

Did you know there are over 40 agreed competencies to hire for? In this session, we look at those competencies in greater depth and adopt a “less is more” approach. We will adopt a “four squared” approach that breaks down the four main generic clusters of competencies.

Module 8: Getting The Right Competencies Into The Brie

Once we have looked at the competencies, we can then incorporate them into the brief, so we have the perfect roadmap to recruit for. On this day, we will also use competencies to identify gaps in your organization and allow for succession planning.

Module 9: Competencies

We explore the practical use of competencies when hiring and how to incorporate them into your search. We take a break from the core-competency administration and share some tips and hints on how to conduct active search and selection.

We also look at “managing up,” where we can influence the key decision makers in our organizations to hire correctly using competencies.

We look at where to find the right people and creating great advertising using competencies.

• Searching using competencies

• Working with hiring managers and the competency framework

• Where to find the right people

• Creating great advertising using competencies

Module 10: Selection Tools

We are looking at appropriate selection tools. Once the qualities desired in candidates have been identified, recruiters need to select the proper selection tools to identify and verify them.

Module 11: Competency Based Interviewing

This is the most common selection tool, and we look at why many organizations don’t make the best of it. We look at effective interviewing techniques and how to successfully interview.

Module 12: Competencies And Psychometric Testing

We explore tests, questionnaires, and exercises that illustrate if the competencies we require can be found in places “beyond the interview.”

Creating great questions based on competencies – some of the best questions currently in use around the world that will help you find the answers you require.

Module 13: Interview Structure

A structure you can use again and again.


Psychometric profiling

Planning the interview

Conducting the interview

Role plays

Body language videos

We will all take a test in this section – you will be surprised and delighted at the accuracy of the results!

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