Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP®)

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Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP®)

Certified Security Management Professional CSMP is an advanced-level, internationally-focussed certification and accredited diploma in corporate security management.

Certified Security Management Professional CSMP is considered the “gold standard” certification for security management professionals and demonstrates your knowledge and competency in seven key domains of security. Globally recognized as the standard of excellence for security management professionals.

The Certified Security Management Professional CSMP credential is aimed at experienced security managers or consultants.  It provides demonstrable proof of knowledge and management skills in critical domains of security.

Addresses the critical areas of corporate security management and is based on current best practice.

*Provides a supported learning environment, with qualified tutors accessible by phone or email during the study process.

*Benchmarks security management professionals against peers.

*Allows especially-talented security managers to excel through the submission of assignments, which test not only their understanding of the course materials but also their application of the critical concepts.

*Provides an enriching professional educational experience at a cost that meets not only the needs of company-sponsored individuals but also self-funding individuals and organizations that wish to book multiple candidates.

*Uses a panel-reviewed marking and assessment process that embraces rigor, accuracy, consistency, and objectivity.  Each submission is reviewed, marked and scored and by at least two faculty tutors.

The course is accredited by ASIS.

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  • DURATION 5 days


The Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP) – Board certification in security management. Demonstrates your knowledge and competency in seven key domains of security.

Globally recognized as the standard of excellence for security management professionals.

Aimed at security managers at all levels of the profession, the CSMP award provides a thorough grounding in the critical areas of knowledge necessary to manage a corporate security function.


What’s on the Exam?

The exam consists of 200 scored multiple-choice questions and may contain 25 randomly distributed pre-test (unscored) questions for a total of up to 225 questions. The four hours allowed takes into consideration the review of pre-test items.



Module 1: Security Risk Analysis

You will learn a simple methodology to help you determine and prioritize security risk by evaluating threat likelihood, impact and vulnerability.  The methodology is portable; you will likely want to use it in your own organization.

Module 2: Crime Prevention

Much crime can be avoided by understanding the reasons why people commit the crime in the first place.  You will study crime motivation theories and, through the module, develop these into crime prevention theories that you can apply to your workplace.

Module 3: Managing the Security Function

You have probably been doing this for some time, and this module provides an excellent reference to the daily nuts and bolts of managing a security programme.  It includes models for interacting with the business and good practice for getting the best out of human security resources.

Module 4: Leadership and Management

Who doesn’t think they’re a good leader?  Feedback on this module from experienced leaders has been highly complimentary. The module will help you improve your day-to-day generic management skills, and will provide in-depth instruction on how to develop management into leadership.

Module 5: Security Design, Evaluation and Surveying

The module presents a wide range of tools, templates, models and good practice in how to optimize security management and design to get the best return on investment.

Module 6: Perimeter Protection

A very practical module in which you will study the essential elements of a perimeter (design basis threat, design, civil works, fencing, lighting, surveillance, intrusion detection etc.) and apply it to a practical context.  By this point in the programme, assignments focus less on knowledge regurgitation and more on application – allowing you to evidence what you can do, rather than just what you know.

Module 7: Protecting Buildings

A very comprehensive study of buildings security, addressing design, security vulnerability analysis, core security principles, structural hardening, locking systems and critical control, intrusion detection, surveillance, etc.  The module considers the different security characteristics of old and new buildings, and multi-tenant buildings.  You will be assessed on your skill in the application of the module content.

Module 8: Access Management

Perhaps the most important aspect of physical security, this module builds on the previous with an in-depth operation and technical study of access management and automated access control systems.  As well as the open hardware, card technology, biometrics and vehicle control considerations, this module will address contraband detection.  The assessment is very much case study focussed.

Module 9: Video Surveillance (CCTV)

For many companies, a CCTV system represents a large part of the physical security budget.  This module will help you understand the subject in depth, from image acquisition, through the transmission to storage.  This is a rapidly developing area of technical security, and this module will better position you to negotiate with suppliers and installers to get the best value for money and maximum risk reduction.  The assignment tests your skill in applying the theory to case study contexts.

Module 10: Facility Counter Terrorism

The specter of terrorism is ever present, threatening to cause large-scale casualties and disrupt business operations.  This module brings together experiences in protecting facilities in many different environments and packages it into a very comprehensive set of ethical practice principles that will enable you to optimize your protection against a wide range of threats.   As well as addressing dangerous threats, the module is fully updated to include how to mitigate the danger from marauding terrorist firearms attacks.

Module 11: Protection of Information

Information compromise is an often hidden disease, threatening many businesses with slow death as market share and competitive edge decline. Learn how to protect information in its many forms, from know-how, through hardcopy to digital data.  The module will also explain the extent of the threat to business from communications intercept.  The output will be an awareness programme that you can deliver to your organization.

Module 12: Protection of at-Risk Personnel

Many business activities carry inherent risks to personnel, and laws about employees are quite explicit; you have a duty of care to reduce risk to as low as reasonably practicable.  In this module, you will learn how to identify those at elevated risk and how to effectively mitigate a range of risks to personnel, including workplace violence, armed robbery, active shooters, threats to overseas travelers and expatriates, kidnap, etc.

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