Certified Marketing Professional

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Certified Marketing Professional

Certified Marketing Professional is a globally-recognized and well-respected measure of professional and academic excellence in the practice of marketing.

This program will recognize the perseverance, dedication, and competence of successful marketing professionals all around the world. Those who earn the CMP® demonstrate a broad, yet broad knowledge of marketing. It denotes high professional, educational and ethical standards in marketing and is valuable to those practitioners who earn it, to the clients and organizations they represent and most importantly to the marketing profession itself.

The certificate provides the practical skills and knowledge to devise and implement tactical marketing activities and campaigns. You will gain relevant and contemporary marketing knowledge that will help you build your credibility in your professional marketing role.

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  • COURSE TYPE Advanced
  • DURATION 5 days


The Certified Marketing Professional training course offers a variety of important marketing concepts that will give you solid knowledge about popular marketing topics such as marketing planning, marketing audit, marketing communications, and marketing research. It is a must for professionals who would like to exploit marketing arenas for the first time or wish to refresh their marketing know-how.


Participants who fully attend this course and complete the test on the last day will receive a Strategic Axis Professional Certificate (SAPC).

SAPC certificates are regionally recognized and can be quite valuable when applying for more senior roles within the organization or outside.

Along with SAPC certificates, participants could receive CIM – The Chartered Institute of Marketing – UK, certificates based on additional conditions.

CIM endorsement is the industry recognized benchmark for high-quality sales training programmes.

Supported by their quality assurance system, endorsement confirms that our training programme is professionally designed and delivered to exacting standards.

Course Outline


Module 1: Marketing Concepts

Evolution of the Marketing Concept

Relationship between Marketing and Selling

Scope of Marketing Management – Analyzing Opportunities, Selecting Target Segments, Developing Market Mix, Managing the Marketing Effort

Marketing Management Defined

Using the 4Ps Marketing Mix Model

Module 2: Marketing Strategy and Planning

Types of Marketing Strategies

The Marketing Audit

Competitive Analysis (PESTLE, PORTER, SWOT, TOWS)

Marketing Plans and Planning

Module 3: Advertising and Distribution

Understanding the Communication Process

Major Advertising Decisions, AIDA and the Buyer-Readiness Stages, Types of Media Research and Selection, Copy Illustration and Message Design

The Sales Promotion Mix; Push versus Pull Strategies

Physical Distribution and Channels of Distribution; Emerging Trends in Direct Marketing

Module 4: Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Market segmentation defined

Basis of market segmentation (B2C)

Basis of market segmentation (B2B)

Criteria for successful segmentation

Market targeting

Market positioning

Steps in market segmentation, targeting, and positioning

Module 5: Managing Product Life Cycles

Introducing the Product Life Cycle Concept (PLC)

Product and Promotion Mix Strategies Across the Stages of the PLC

Analysis of a Relative Market Share Matrix

Marketing strategies for PLC

Push and pull strategies

Module 6: Marketing Communication and Campaigns

Elements of the communication process

Steps in creating a promotional campaign

The goals and tasks of promotion

The ‘AIDA’ concept

Setting the advertising budget

The various media types

Media scheduling

Evaluating promotional campaigns

Module 7: Marketing Research

Marketing Research Defined

The Marketing Research Process

Types and Sources of Data

Designing, Analyzing, Interpreting, and Reporting the Research Findings

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